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NOTICE: Leo Bergman of Paint Specialties Laboratory passed away July 25, 2005

Here is a vendor-supplier, also in Portland, Oregon that seems to have acquired the same or similar Foam Latex Rubber Paint formula ......

Duchess Art Products


You can read this letter LeoBergman.doc written by OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry). Apparently, Leo did volunteer work for OMSI. He was an inventor, gadgeteer, chemist and created various products including the already mentioned foam latex paints which were very good. I have no knowledge if Leo had a wife, sons, daughters or any grandchildren. I do not know what will be the status of Paint Specialties Lab. If you are an artist, studio, or entrepeneur in the Special FX field, all I can provide is some contact information and maybe someone can continue Leo's legacy of his very unique products which were not only for Stop Motion but used in other Art-Craft fields (as described below):

OMSI contact

OMSI Street Address


For our Stop Motion interests ...... in my opinion, they make an incredible water-based Foam Latex Paint that is wear resistant and seems to be reasonably safe or not toxic. They are not really that expensive when you consider "your time & effort" in attempting to make your own foam latex paints, mixing prosthetic adhesive & acrylic artists paints .... that is more work and especially trying to get consistent colors.


* PSL Foam Latex Paints are waterbased materials that can be applied by airbrush, hand brush or silkscreening. When dry .... will not crack, chip off and have about 600% elongation. All pigments are lead-free and all colors can be intermixed. If a heavier coat is needed, it is suggested to use thinner coats with touch drying between coats for better adhesion. These colors can be thinned sparingly with water, but if a washcoat is needed, use the "clear base" to paint to reduce the colors and to preserve the integrity of the carrier & adhesion properties.

*These paints are available in twenty basic colors ..... black, white, clear base, chrome green, dinitrile orange, red oxide, phtalo green, carmine (darkish magenta), ochre, burnt sienna, ultramarine blue, quinacridone violet, deep red, toluedene red, raw umber, azo yellow, phtalo blue, magenta , hansa yellow, burnt umber and carbazole violet. Also available as metalllics .... gold, silver, copper, brass, russet. Flourescent & black light colors are available too.

* PSL Foam Latex Paints have been used at MTV Studios, Will Vinton Studios, Disney Studios, and all 'Lion King's Stage shows, internationally for their puppets. Used in Stop-Motion Photography for animation puppets, in most of the advertising Studios in the United States. These paints have also been used for Special Effects Prosthetic Make-up.


Leo did give me a price for the foam latex paints (as of October, '03)..... it is $4.70 per ounce and all other larger sizes/ounces are multiples thereof. If you only do a little Stop Motion as a hobby, you might try the one ounce sizes for starters. As far as I know, this informaton about PSL's paints is not available elsewhere on the internet. Since Leo does not have a website, you are going to have to phone or email for more details or information:

Paint Specialties Laboratory
2901 N.E. Alberta St.
Portland, OR
United States

Email: Leo M. Bergman, artistpaint-rd@worldnet.att.net

Phone: 1.503.288.1809
Fax: 1.503.249.5929

Paint Specialties also makes other types of paints for different materials and you could probably consult with them to help you develop & formulate specialized paints. If you are serious about getting his Foam Latex paints, Leo "might" provide samples. These are one ounce size of random colors (you cannot choose). Leo's generous offer to provide samples, hopefully, will not be abused by potential customers. If you are thinking of seriously buying & want to first test his paints, then that is a legitimate reason (not because it's just "free"). If you want an opinion of Leo's paints, you might contact Zung Studio and Puppet Maker Queen, Kathi Zung may give you some unbiased observations or tips about these paints (get her 101 Puppetmaking Foam Latex Video). Leo previously had his own Paint Specialities website about his products and I wished that he would start it up again, but for whatever reason, he has not. Great product he has and that's why I have a special page here at Stop Motion Works. I make no money from any of this.



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