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Ol’ Classic ‘SMW News’ 2002 – May 2010

‘Stop Motion Works News’ is only a section of the Stop Motion Works website which began around the year 2000 and hosted by the old GeoCities Yahoo domain freebie service. A few years later in 2002, Stop Motion Works acquired its own domain name and that is when Stop Motion Works News began and was added to this website. Previously, for SMW News, a boring geeky process, I used HTML Code to write the blogs and manually uploaded via FTP to post my ramblings, rants, and commentary on the internet. This method was time consuming for website pages that always change content such as in today’s blogging style format.

Being a procrastinator and stubborn specifically about internety, software, ‘puter and related ‘techy’ toy things, I only recently (2010) switched ‘SMW News’ to a more, automated-modern publishing interface tool, of which there are a few out there such as Blogger, TypePad, LiveJournal, Movable Type, and Wordpress. This entire Stop Motion Works website is due for a cosmetic look overhaul, including larger page design (for the bigger LCD monitors). Maybe one day soon I will do that, however as I said above, I do not have any affection with all the behind the scenes website anal retentive ‘technicalities’, and I only force myself to do this ‘website thing’ because it is a means to communicate with the my fellow closeted & introverted animators ;-) of which many seem to practice this solitary animation art/craft.

Anyway, if you are just curious or whatever, below are the past older ‘SMW News’ which will obviously include my somewhat silly commentary & tirades (in hindsight) – L.I.O. June 2010