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Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom (1984) – Stop Motion mine cart chase special effects

November 5, 2019

Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom (1984) – Stop Motion mine cart chase special effects

I suppose, this can be considered a follow-up to my orginal posting of 4 years ago
F3 Nikon mod for Temple of Doom

When you go to above original posting of the article, you will see that the rare, more detailed behind the scenes video of the stop motion mine cart effects, disappeared from the internet awhile back..Recently though, it has magically returned :) I am not going to speculate the reasons why it vanished then reappeared, but here for you to watch just in case, if it should evaporate from the net, again ;)

Here is a blog with some images ….
MovieMiniatures blogspot

A ‘Time Machine’ visit here to the finished ‘mine cart chase’ scene with all the stop motion effects edited with the live action and other special effects. Take a look Mine Cart chase scenes

Today …. all is taken for granted with digital image photography and the miniaturization of cameras used by the general consumers/public … however …back in the early 1980’s, digital photography was almost non-existent. Doing stop motion animation with puppets and ‘moving the camera’ within a miniature set was difficult because of the large & heavy bulky size ol’ school 35mm movie cameras. The Nikon F3 modification by a team at ILM, I thought was ‘thinking out of the box’ innovative which significantly reduced the size ot the camera so that it can more compactly & much more efficiently used inside a miniature set.

Also … most creative use of stop motion in a realistic manner as pure a special effects element … but ,,, we all know … CGI ever since the first Jurassic Park has sadly ended this type of ol’ school & practical effects in today’s ‘mainstream’ Cgi dominated effects. Even in independent small budget film work, there is much Cgi. For me, it can get monotonous watching ‘one flavor’ homogenous Cgi However .. for indie work … ol’ school special effects is still very much viable, IMO … but requires more hands on tactile & sweat compared to just clicking a mouse


Nikon F3, Industrial Light & Magic & 'The Temple Of Doom'

Exclusif … Nowhere on the web ;)
Video making of – Nikon F3, Industrial Light & Magic & 'The Temple Of Doom' !
Sound at 0:50

Posted by Nikoniste on Tuesday, September 5, 2017

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