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Ray Harryhausen 100 Year Celebration

November 4, 2019

Here are the details

Again … June 29, 2020 will be Ray Harryhausen’s 100 year birthday mark. Hopefully, some studios will participate! There are a few Major Studios that have the capability to do actual STOP MOTION and it would be cool to see some ol’ school actual Stop Motion tributes (not CGI). I was thinking some ol’ school or ‘advanced’ Dinosaur or Fantasy creature Stop Motion, would be awesome! :)

However, any manner you wish to offer a tribute to the Godfather of Special Effects, would be welcomed. I have said this in the past … “Before Computer Animation, Ray Harryhausen was already COOL!”

You can help and spread the word, use this #Harryhausen100 image-banner or create your own banner! Maybe some of you can persuade GOOGLE to commemorate Ray Harryhausen 100 years on their home search page? He was the inspiration to many special effects veterans and the precursor to today’s CGI creature character effects work. The celebration date is June 29, 2020 …. so … let’s get moving!

I see that Angus Lamont, an indie stop motion artist, has already started on his Harryhausen tribute for next year!

The way it works … be sure to post the hashtag #Harryhausen100 or just Harryhausen100 on your video … Vimeo or Youtube channel, your website page, or anywhere … so that it can be easily searchable.

P.S. For those that do not know, there was a tribute to Uncle Ray back when he was still with us, at the age of 90 years. You can revisit some of those early tributes by searching the internet … Harryhausen90

Ray Harryhausen 100 Year Celebration

Here are the details

Posted by Stop Motion Works on Tuesday, October 1, 2019

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One Response to “Ray Harryhausen 100 Year Celebration”

  1. Nick H says:

    I’d like to do something, I think I just had the beginnings of an idea. I was one of the many who did one for Ray’s 90th. I knew Angus was on this one already, but hadn’t heard of anything being organised, officially or otherwise. This announcement may be what it takes to get me going.


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