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DARK EARTH | updates – Dinosaur meets Creature Vegetation

December 5, 2018

Just a teaser sample. Finally … a dinosaur, an Ornisaurus makes a Dark Earth appearance and encounters an otherworldly living carnivorous gigantic plant species.

It is INSANE how Peter Montgomery is able to produce HIGH quality production work with very minimal budget. It can be a struggle but I would hope, that perhaps later, some financial assistance might happen or come along … however … Peter continues to persevere, in spite of the obstacles.

Peter has a RIGAR Productions facebook page for awhile, but he does not do much updates, yet. At your option, perhaps give Peter’s RIGAR page some LIKES … here …


Make sure to turn ON speaker volume in the player below ….


( VFX: Peter A. Montgomery Scott. ) ( Large rocks : Steve Koch. ) The actors in the shot are to be replaced with a heavier reaction from both.

Posted by Rigar on Monday, December 3, 2018

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