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Nightmare Before Christmas – ‘Additional Armatures’

October 29, 2018

‘Additional Armatures’ was my screen credit on The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)… 25 years ago this October, 2018. Last year, I put together this video for film historical posterity (LOL :) ) about Nightmare Before Christmas and this might be the first time you are seeing it on the Old Stop Motion Works Website here. You might want to go Full Screen video viewing, to better see the details.

Unfortunately, I have not been posting much here, but instead, mostly on my Facebook Artist page …


I realize, some of you might be ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA ;) , such as Facebook. In the past when I post an update on facebook, I have done a ‘duplicate posting’ here … but many times my schedule interferes with the bit of extra time required to do ‘Dual Posting Updates’

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