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Nightmare Before Christmas – Rarely seen ‘other’ Armatures

December 25, 2017

December 25, 2017 being my deadline date for posting this and taking advantage of Nightmare Before Christmas, being a ‘TWO Holiday from ONE movie’ bargain (Halloween & Christmas). Just reminder, 25 year anniversary in 2018 since the debut of Nightmare October 13, 1993 … so there is still plenty of time to prepare for whatever partying :D If you can, you should try and watch this at FULL screen in attempt to see armature details & schematics, you can also press the pause to study more, also go to this video directly on the Stop Motion Works Youtube channel to read the brief ‘back-story’ (in the details section, below the video)

In my rush to get the ‘additional armatures’ video out by Christmas, I forgot to include this image below. In the video above, you will see some of the NMBC characters (vampires, mom corpse, cyclops, mermaid) photographed against a black background with faint scale gridlines superimposed in front of them, such as this Igor photo. Those were the original studio CLAY sculptures of the characters that have not been molded yet. Since I had no molds, I asked for full scale size photos of the sculptures so that I could start designing armatures while they where molding the sculptures. After molds where done, I then fitted & assembled the armature parts & components using the actual molds. The size of Igor, from feet to top of hump was about 7 inches (17.7 cm)

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