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Puppets – Prehistoric Beast & Dinosaur documentary

November 8, 2017

(After reading, you can CLICK on above photo which will take you to the other photos, and you can scroll through them)

I had these still hard copy photos in storage for years and just found them. Original stills were not digital and I rephotographed for posting here. This was long ago — the stop motion puppets display were part of a larger general dinosaur exhibit at the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley, California. I think this was around 1989 year thereabouts. You can see the other photos at the Stop Motion Works photo album page.

Phil Tippett’s ‘Prehistoric Beast’ animated short debut in 1984, then about a year later, the puppets & some of scenes from Prehistoric Beast were used in the CBS television documentary special, called ‘Dinosaur!’ which was broadcast in 1985 and hosted & narrated by actor Christopher Reeve. In the original ‘Prehistoric Beast’ there was only ‘one’ T-Rex character in all the scenes and the other puppet character was the herbivore Monoclonius.

In the later Dinosaur documentary there was also only ‘one’ T-Rex but it interacted with other dinosaurs. The photos here show the original T-Rex used in ‘Prehistoric Beast’ with the rubber skin removed. At the exhibit, they displayed another duplicate new T-Rex stop motion puppet preserved with its rubber skin. I believe, for the Dinosaur documentary, Phil Tippett and his crew fabricated this new cloned version of the earliier T-Rex, and also fabricated additional puppets – a couple of Deinonychus (raptors) puppets, some Brontosaurus’, some duck billed Hadrosaurus, and also a Struthiomimus stop motion puppet.

The stop motion puppets that were not displayed at this exhibit — were the duck bill Hadrosaurus and the Deinonychus (raptors) puppets.

As I said this exhibit was maybe around 1989 and I had a chance to visit it.

This is link to the CBS Documentary ‘Dinosaurs!’ (1985) …. it is edited to show ONLY the stop motion scenes


If you want to see the original ‘Prehistoric Beast’ that inspired the ‘Dinosaur’ documentary, go here

Tippett Studio beginnings: Stop Motion ‘Prehistoric Beast’

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