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Dark Earth – Indie Feature – in production

October 26, 2017

I have posted here in past about my friend Peter Scott Montgomery’s project Dark Earth, privately advising and also moral support. It will be using ol’ school special FX, practical and also ‘modern’ creature character stop motion animation in the tradition of Ray Harryhausen.

Stop Motion is popular, however, when it comes to very well executed stop motion Harryhausen-esque realistic stop motion … it does not seem to get as much attention as the Laika or Aardman puppet-cartoon style stop motion. Perhaps audiences, producers & studios are now so indoctrinated to CGI creature animation, that they cannot conceive that ‘modern’ realism-style stop motion is viable or marketable anymore. Of course, CGI can exceed in realism … but IMO … for a surreal, fantasy aesthetic, I am in agreement with UNCLE RAY

Some years ago, Peter did do an Indiegogo for Dark Earth, but response was not overwhelming. I do not know if Peter will later attempt another crowdfunding or donation effort. If you want to say ‘Hi’ to Peter or offer some ocassional moral support, he is Facebook and YOUTUBE

The clip shows an Ornisaurus kind of chilling out and watching his territory. Stop Motion by veteran & master animator Kent Burton … Puppet construction & visual fx compositing by Peter


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One Response to “Dark Earth – Indie Feature – in production”

  1. Ron Cole says:

    Holy smokes that looks freaking AWESOME!!!


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