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Music video, only pins & threads, Stop Motion (no Cgi)

March 14, 2016

'Change is Everything' music video, only pins & threads using Stop Motion (no…

Posted by Stop Motion Works on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Music video, only pins & threads, Stop Motion (no Cgi)

Topics: Behind the Scenes, Commercials-Ads-TV-Net, Stop Motion | 1 Comment »

One Response to “Music video, only pins & threads, Stop Motion (no Cgi)”

  1. Ron Cole says:

    Wow! I love everything about that… including the song. That’s a big statement coming from me because I haven’t heard a new song in years that I felt bonded to in any way but that one did the magic. Added to that, the fact that it was reinforced by an awesome stop motion performance makes it even more impressive and important to me. Wow!


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