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‘Shaun the Sheep: The Movie’ Debuts on DVD / Blu-ray

November 21, 2015

'Shaun the Sheep: The Movie' Debuts on DVD / Blu-rayLike the plethora of aficionados & fans of stop motion such as…

Posted by Stop Motion Works on Saturday, November 21, 2015

‘Shaun the Sheep: The Movie’ DVD Blu-ray

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One Response to “‘Shaun the Sheep: The Movie’ Debuts on DVD / Blu-ray”

  1. StopmoNick says:

    The TV series of Shaun the Sheep was always pretty good, but when I saw the feature film in the cinema exceeded my expectations. They kept the no-dialogue (or no intelligible words) approach of the 5 minute tv episodes, and made it work over a feature length, which is no mean feat. I actually enjoyed this more than were-Rabbit or Pirates. I didn’t know there was a sequel planned, so thanks for mentioning that.


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