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“Tis a DEADITE!” – To be resurrected?

August 6, 2015

From the 1987 Evil Dead 2, near end, very brief stop motion animation of the Deadite. Tom Sullivan original creator of this creature character. Many moons ago when ….

"Tis a DEADITE!" To be resurrected? From the 1987 Evil Dead 2, near end, very brief stop motion animation of the…

Posted by Stop Motion Works on Monday, August 3, 2015

“Tis a DEADITE!” – To be resurrected?
Winged Deadite

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5 Responses to ““Tis a DEADITE!” – To be resurrected?”

  1. George says:

    Nick, “Pro8mm” is the newer name for the company that once went by “Super-8 Sound” back in the 70’s and 80’s. They are now selling a new super-8 camera called the Logmar for a hefty $6k.

  2. L.I.O. says:

    Pro8mm is specialized lab/store for 8mm & 16mm http://www.pro8mm.com/ . It appears that Moviestuff still produces high end super8 & 16mm film to digital transfer units with interchangeable film gates now. I think Roger quit doing actual digital transfers. He has sold plenty of the units & others now offer the service. I just did quick search and one vendor’s digtial transfer fee was around $17. for minimum 100 feet, using the moviestuff system.

  3. StopmoNick says:

    What is Pro8mm? I remember Standard 8, a 16mm wide, 25 ft strip of film that you had to put through the camera, then take it out and put it through the other way around – when processed, it came back split into 8mm. Then there was the Super 8mm cartridge by Kodak; and the Fuji Single 8 cartridge, same dimensions and sprocket holes as Super 8 but different cartridge design, I got a Fuji Single 8 camera because it could be backwound in the camera for double exposed/split screen effects.
    Does Moviestuff still do transfers? I googled and found references to Retro 8 machines that he makes to order, so others can do it with his telecine machines.

  4. Filmaker says:

    Sorry, I mean Pro8mm.

  5. Filmaker says:

    You might want to try Super 8 Pro in California. They scan s8 to digital formats.


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