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‘Hell & Back’ (2015) – A new Stop Motion feature

February 14, 2015

I recall a few years ago, hearing buzz-news about ‘Hell & Back’, then thereafter, the minor news about this project seemed to have faded away. ¬†However, SMW’s journalist team :) revisited this and just discovered that ‘Hell & Back’ appears to be ‘in the can’ (finished shooting) and according to IMDb, scheduled to be released in 2015.

The name of the production company/studio overseeing Hell & Back, is Shadow-Machine or ShadowMachine. They are located in Los Angeles area, Southern California (USA). Well, the studio sure as HELL, have kept this production somewhat underground. You might say they kept this project ‘In the SHADOWS’? :mrgreen:

ShadowMachine does have this feature on their website as an ‘inprogress & coming soon’ project, but no updates on their website. Also as far as I know, no promotions or publicity yet for ‘Hell & Back’. If you recall, ParaNorman, Box Trolls, Frankenweenie, Corpse Bride, etc,, ALL had pre-publicity promotions & campaigns well before those stop motion features were released to theaters.

The description of of ‘Hell & Back’ as follows … “An aggressive R-rated stop-motion animated comedy about three friends and their misadventure through hell”. So if ‘Hell & Back’ does get an R-RATING, that sure would be UNIQUE for a somewhat mainstream distributed feature. Animation with more adult themes?? Could that succeed here in USA? Usually, the Tinsel Town orthodox status quo studios & producers, categorize & brand ‘Animation’ as just for KIDS.

So … Hell & Back can no longer hide … you have been ‘Outed’ ;) All YOU Animators & Studio Crew did a good job of NOT sharing this with us! For us hard-core stop motion insiders, followers, & fans … the roll call of animators is impressive such as …. Webster Colcord, Owen Klatte, Angie Glocka, Kim Blanchette, Don Waller, Justin Rasch, and others. Some animators are alumni of the iconic & classic, ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’.

Hell & Back (2015) IMDb

ShadowMachine Website

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