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Meister Ray Harryhausen – In Time Lapse

February 5, 2015

This is a video clip briefly showing Ray Harryhausen from around 1999. At that time, he was already retired for many years. For a television documentary, he provided this demonstration. The video time lapse is looped so that it repeats. When Ray animated … computer Animation Frame Grabbers did NOT exist! The only animation tools he used were, ‘Surface Guages’ (pointer tools). Ray’s mind & eyes in unison with tactile finger-hand muscles, through repetitive animation practice which developed his skills, where it became INTUITIVE and he could FEEL & SEE in his ‘Mind’s Eye’ the motion & movement of the puppet characters.

It is said by others who knew Ray, that he animated at a good Quick pace. One of the reasons why some animated scenes from his classic works may have taken some lengthy time to complete is because, as you might already know … Ray did almost EVERYTHING … story-boarding, puppet character design, camera set-up, lighting, miniature sets dressing & touch-up, rear screen projection set-up, and so on. On a stop motion feature of today like a Paranorman, Frankenweenie, etc … you have many people (a crew-team) doing all those tasks that Ray did all by HIMSELF. This was rare even back then, years ago … Ray working as a sole ‘Auteur’ on a somewhat mainstream feature-movie.

Here is a documentary about Ray Harryhausen that you might not have seen before. It was shown on UK television, about 1999. No, it is not ‘The Harryhausen Chronicles’ which most of us are familiar with. This is another, not as well known documentary. It is about 40 minutes long ….

Ray Harryhausen Documentary – UK Television 1999

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