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George Lucas Criticizes today’s ‘Circus’ movies

January 31, 2015

Way back in time before many of you were born, or you were just mere children ;) … the original ‘Stars Wars’ movie is often given credit for jump-starting the ’special effects’ emphasis in the category of the B-Movie genre of Fantasy, Science Fiction, which includes futuristic, dystopian, apocalyptic, mythological themes, high action adventure, and other similar.

Now these movies have evolved to the major status as ‘Cash Profit Cows’ for the Corporate studios & Executives as evidenced by their obscenely high movie production budgets, in the hopes of attaining even more stratospheric nirvana profits. Basically, these movies have become Glorified B-Movies … LOL! This is only my view-opinion :)

George Lucas & Steven Spielberg in their beginning careers were somewhat outsiders to ‘Hollywood’ and they adopted kind of a rebel or anti-establishment persona (especially Lucas). I do somewhat agree with Mr. Lucas about the excess of empty eye-candy calories of ‘Circus-like’ movies, however, the Variety article quotes some recent comments from the once anti-establishment filmmaker who has now himself, become a major power player movie ‘executive’. Lucas is criticizing what he has transformed into, and has somewhat partaken in the creation his own eye-candy circus movie products for audience consumption?? I am just asking … maybe, yes, no?

A quote that he mentions occasionally ….

“All Art is Technology”

After you read the Variety article, you should especially read the Replies & Comments, some which challenges G Lucas perhaps over-simplified view that ‘all art is technology’ and his other possible inconsistencies. Again, after article, be sure to scroll to bottom of page and click ‘See All Comments’ box …. a good read.

VARIETY – George Lucas Rips Hollywood, ‘Stupid’ Cat Videos at Sundance

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2 Responses to “George Lucas Criticizes today’s ‘Circus’ movies”

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