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FAST FILM (2003)

January 7, 2015

Back in 2005, at the old Stop Motion Works blog (now buried in the archives), I briefly spotlighted this indie animated short, Fast Film. I have not seen it for years until recently. It still very much impresses me as a creative, original, & fresh film work.

NO CGI and no computer digital enhancing. Basically: Very detailed planning of the scenes and in post production, basic editing work and then adding & mixing the sound, The sequences are stop motion animated IN the camera using a collage of photo backgrounds, photo cut-outs, & origami-style fabrication of models/props. It appears to me, this was filmed ‘In the camera’ means WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) and that is exactly what appears in the final visual imagery of this animated short. A very good example that one does not need excess in equipment or hyper-inflated production budget. Again, pure resourcefulness & creativity, and 100% hands-on tactile. Take a look … about 14 minutes long ….

Making of Fast Film ….

Virgil Widrich was the director. His other prior indie film was in 2001 and was Oscar nominated, COPY SHOP. It is not stop motion and appears to have used some early digital compositing special effects, but subtle (making of Copy Shop). I do not know if Virgil is still active in filmmaking. It appears FAST FILM was his primary venture using the stop motion technique. IMO, still stands the test of time … a unique & original creative work. Here is the link to the original FAST FILM website still online since 2003.

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