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Before CGI ad nauseum – The Dark Overlord (Howard the Duck – 1986)

December 27, 2014

This is just about 29 years ago. Maestro Phil Tippett & his crew did these animated special effects sequences for this George Lucas produced movie.

Those many years ago and very advanced stop motion special effects. IMO … STILL holds up today. Any CGI obsessed fans out there, with negative criticism … ‘you all’ can just shut the ‘F’ up ;) Overall many have hyped to excess that this was a clunker movie, but I am guessing, it may now has achieved cult status popularity for Saturday night ‘popcorn fun’ escapism entertainment.

Those few remaining ‘The Children of the Harryhausen’ … we are in the minority but STILL have passion for this ol’ school form of surreal creature & fantasy characters realization … HAND CRAFTED. You do not need mega excess of CGI characters or plethora of crowd scenes, or compulsive CGI micro-scopic facial feature motion, or all that motion capture junk (not real animation, IMO). Audiences does NOT care about those ‘anal retentive’ boring technical details … BUT … they do CARE if it is a GOOD STORY to ENTERTAIN them! :mrgreen:

Here are the rest of The Dark Overlord ending sequences/shots ….

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