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Nick Hilligoss receives package delivery (Dark Earth)

December 20, 2014

Just some quick shots of behind the scenes, including Nick Hilligoss demonstrating his expertise skills in ol school cinematography tricks and extraordinary animation talent. If you did not see this clip below, you would be astonished by the actual size of the stop motion creature puppet, however, the illusion of size-immensity & presence is most evident. No plethora of CGI mouse-clicking crew, no producers or directors making endless changes … Just the pure unfiltered hand-crafted talents of eclectic artists & craftspeople ….

Unfortunate timing of the Dark Earth Indiegogo campaign near the end of year and people having fickled tastes in their animation preferences (not into Harryhausen-esque) and also occupied by other distractions made this campaign fall short, however, it still open and ends in less than 24 hours, December 20 to 21, 2014 depending on your Time Zone city/country location. Whatever is donated is obviously appreciated by Peter Montgomery and will be used for the smaller incidental expenses for the Dark Earth project.

IMO, Crowd-funding market is becoming congested and it is not necessarily the miracle panacea. Hopefully, Dark Earth project will explore maybe more reliable alternative budgeting & especially distribution options so that this feature can be targeted to niche audience who enjoy this genre brand of entertainment and will be available to them via video on demand, rental, etc.

IndieGogo – DARK EARTHFind your Time Zone

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