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‘Sinbad: The 5th Voyage’ FINALLY available

December 10, 2014

What a painstaking slow & long time it took for this indie film to be released to audiences. I have ranted in past (you can search other Sinbad posts) about this. The producers and/or distributor originally released this almost a year ago to only a few theaters in select cites.. It only lasted a week. IMO, a wasted effort causing more delays. Fifth voyage should have gone directly to streaming & rental.

As I said, this took much too long to be released. The producers ’say’ it will also available later in a few months on NETFLIX. Anyway, you can watch it now, as a streaming rental from Phase 4 Films. 5th Voyage is an homage to Retro Harryhausen’esque and follows similar storyline. A good popcorn move just for fun and maybe have some small cult following like success. No CGI for the major creature character, but done using ol school more modern stop motion. This had a small minimal production budget but great hand-crafted

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