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DARK EARTH – Indie feature, HG Wells style Sci-Fi Fantasy

October 23, 2014

Peter A. Montgomery, a resident of UK/Scotland … I have mentioned in the past about this unsung most creative & talented artist filmmaker. IMO, he has pushed the boundaries of special effects without relying on computer created CGI. He uses practical effects, REAL puppets, props, miniatures, stop motion, and has especially mastered post production composting & blending of images to a high degree. Peter can do complex special effects at an unbelievable affordable cost. What he produces is based on ol school Harryhausen but again, pushes those techniques to the maximum & advanced modern level of visual imagery sophistication that will be accepted by today’s audiences.

This indie feature, ‘Dark Earth’ intends to use Peter’s experience, talent and directorial skills in overseeing this project. Peter is not doing this alone. He has assembled a power-house talented crew for this project. I suppose that I should announce here, that I will be coming out of semi-retirement and will offer whatever assistance Peter needs. Read all the details about this ambitious project ….

DARK EARTH at Indie-gogo

So, you are still not sure Peter and his crew can do this? Here is a random test sequence of shots that Peter did some years ago. As far as I know … there is no one else that I know of who has done complex herd stampeding scenes with Stop Motion. Only one example demonstrating how contemporary visual effects aesthetics can be achieved with pure creativity & resourcefulness. This is NOT CGI … turn up your speaker volume and go full screen ….

Special effects artists, animators, and fans talks about Ray Harryhausen’s work as inspiration … well … How about some moral support to Peter & his team? In my view, if Peter can pull off Dark Earth, this would be a true homage to the works of  Uncle Ray mixed with the flavor of Kevin Connor’s expedition adventure fantasy film and H.G. Wells Steampunk-esque … ol’ school traditional style effects combined with more advanced techniques.

Of course, the more important primary foundational element of this project is … a GOOD & SOLID story that is very much escapism entertainment, reminiscent of the retro & fun B-style movies. Even though, I realize you and  many fans mostly have an interest in the stylized puppet stop motion films (Nightmare B4 Xmas, The Boxtrolls, Aardmans, etc), please consider this project and/or your moral support would be appreciated by Peter …. SHARE Dark Earth Indie-gogo project with others to spread the word. All it takes is a few clicks of your mouse and again …  share!

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2 Responses to “DARK EARTH – Indie feature, HG Wells style Sci-Fi Fantasy”

  1. Rigar says:

    Phil Tippett is also supporting us now!

    Phil Tippett endorse Dark Earth

  2. Rigar says:

    So far who has been contacted about DARK EARTH Campaign. Some are working on things now, but we need exposure to max level, This is what I’ve been doing the last two days to promote our pitch for a budget.


    Vimeo / All steampunk groups on FB / Newspaper for entire west coast of Scotland / Film funding groups / Youtube posts with links/ Phill Tippett / Studio ADI / Chiodo Bros / Stopmotion works / Undead Backbrain the home of giant monsters/ Amicus productions / Dinosaur fan pages / Stopmotionanimation.com. Twitter.

    But we also need the support of friends Please share this link any way you can.


    This is the film genre made the best way you’ve all been saying you want to see come back, Please don’t let it slip away, it’s being handed to you on a silver platter.




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