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‘Capsule’ indie sci-fi short produced by Spielberg

September 23, 2014

This is stop motion Sci-Fi short. Its aesthetic style will be homage to space films of 1960’s and sci-fi films of 1970’s. They want to utilize special effects keeping it as traditional as possible. As far as I know, no live action and the characters will be stop motion animated.

They are close to their goal of $10,000. They need to reach it in 20 HOURS by Wednesday, Sep 24 2014 4:58 PM pacific coast USA time. If not, all donations so far will be lost. Why does Kickstarter create such ridiculous pressure like that? All or nothing? Again, I advise any of you filmmakers, artists, creatives, etc. … to shop around if there are perhaps alternative crowd-funding services that are not so restrictive.

I stated in title Spielberg will be the producer. Yes, that is true and I am not lying … Adam Spielberg is doing the producing tasks ;) And of course the other primary crew member on this animated project is Josh Mahan who is the brainchild & director of ‘Capsule’.

CAPSULE at Kickstarter

NOTE: Stop Motion Works is selective in posting crowd-funding projects. We are not able to post all the requests seeking donations. Also, our suggestion … perhaps consider an alternative to Kickstarter which I already posted reasons why. If we are not able to post or endorse your crowd funding campaign …. you can personally post your project here on Stop Motion Works facebook page. Our staff usually reviews all posts/comments. We thank you for your understanding :mrgreen:

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One Response to “‘Capsule’ indie sci-fi short produced by Spielberg”

  1. Josh Mahan says:

    Wow! I just saw this! Ha! That’s pretty sneaky alluding to the other Spielberg.

    Thanks so much for showing your support! Capsule is going to be awesome!


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