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Negatives of too much CGI special effects (saturation)

July 30, 2014

A good read ….

Why More Technology Makes Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies Boring

Stop Motion Works mini-editorial :mrgreen: – Return of Practical Effects? Disney’s new Star Wars features/episodes claims so but possibly only small percentage may be practical. For those that follow cinema special effect gossip & buzz, IMO, the production is hyping the traditional special effects. I see this as a marketing technique and this is perhaps a clue that audiences are maybe becoming jaded with the empty visual eye candy calories of CGI excess. In North America maybe audiences getting fatigued with the formulaic, saturation, & monotony of CGI aesthetics, whereas International audiences may still go Ga-Ga with anything that comes out of Hollywood/Tinsel Town and the studios know this … they are looking to new audiences who are not yet bored of their movie products.

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2 Responses to “Negatives of too much CGI special effects (saturation)”

  1. sasquatch says:

    I was always excited to see a new Star Wars film up until the 4th one. I went to see with my wife and we were bored out of our minds, started mocking it and pissing people off. That was a fun day…Never went to another one,
    But I’d like to see one I don’t feel compelled to mock.

  2. Dave Hettmer says:

    I’m cautiously optimistic. The new Star Trek films are entertaining, but are largely rehashes of STTOS episodes. Some of which I saw first run (yes, I am that old, thankyewverymuch).

    I guess that the worst I expect at this point are films that aren’t amazing story-wise and rehash the original trilogy, but aren’t so saturated in CG that I can’t connect.


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