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Original ‘Star Wars’ & Phil Tippett ‘Connection’

June 16, 2014

Here is a cool video reminiscing and spotlighting Phil Tippett and his association with the original Star Wars trilogy. IMO, Phil created or contributed to a unique creature character signature choreography style. Thereafter in so many subsequent other genre movies, a plethora of & countless other animation CGI’ists & studios have now copied the Tippett’esque creature motion style.

As a side note … while watching the video, I was very surprised to see that Phil still has in his possession and sitting in his studio office, one of my armature creations used for pre-production on Starship Troopers (1997) :mrgreen: The Warrior insect armature sits next to the full size Rancor creature maquette (Return of the Jedi – 1983) .  Take a look of  screen image capture from the video.

Tippett Studio office …

From Stop Motion Works website …

LINKS: Stop Motion Works Warrior insect poseable armature photos and brief background details

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