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Cuppa Coffee behind the scenes: Stop Motion TV Series

June 10, 2010

If  I do say so myself, I uncovered a nice little find here :D . We have 3 behind the scenes clips (I’m guessing, done a few years ago) about Cuppa Coffee Studio’s (in Canada) work on the ‘Rick & Steve‘ Stop Mo TV series. I have no idea what R&S is about. Cuppa Coffee pumps out a lot of products for commercial TV ad work and animated series that are  also distributed  internationally.  Cuppa does all kinds of animation and  strong emphasis on Stop Motion.  In the behind the scenes #2,  you’ll see a ‘red headed gal’ wearing glasses.  Some of the old timers at the stop motion message board may remember Shelley Smith (now Shelley St. Amant), a Canadian who years ago trekked to Vinton Studios to work on  ‘The PJ’s‘  TV series in the puppet fabrication department, then after that,  she came down here to San Francisco to work on a TV series project (of course, we met).  She eventually returned to Canada and has been working regularly at Cuppa Coffee. Whether R&S is your ‘Cuppa Tea’ or not , it’s always COOL to see the behind the scenes of this unique art & craft in which you and I  DIG, called Stop Motion Animation.  Comparing CGI to Stop Mo,  it can sometimes get slightly boring watching  ’Puter CGI’ists Mouse Clickers, STARING :shock:  at their screen monitors :wink: .

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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2 Responses to “Cuppa Coffee behind the scenes: Stop Motion TV Series”

  1. StopmoNick says:

    You could probably teach an old ‘un like me how to avoid flashing from a 2-part mould too, while you’re at it Ron… but then I’d need to fly you to Australia!

    Good to see how others work though, thanks for posting these LIO!

  2. Ron Cole says:

    Flash from a two part mold? I could teach these youngens a way to avoid all that sanding but then again, they would need to fly me to Canada and pay me for me to learn them how to do that. But I’m just being sarcastic for the most part, it looks like they are doing a fantastic job and I hope I get to see their show on TV here in New York. :)


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