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‘Gumby Fest’ in California – June 14, ‘14

June 9, 2014

In any field of endeavor, art, work, discipline, etc … there is a ‘beginning‘. The iconic Gumby may have had the perception that it’s just for kids, however the production of the Green clay character spawned many artists & creatives who re-vitalized stop motion in the commercial market in its stop motion hey-day some years ago. Some went into other areas of visual effects.

For those of you you lucky ones living in Southern California, specifically Los Angeles area (nice place to visit, but living there? … just JOKING ;) ), there is going to be an event called ‘Gumby Fest‘, on June 14, 2014, 10am to 4pm, in Glendora, California. Some guests will be Rick Baker, Harry Walton, Doug Beswick, Stoopid Buddy Studios (Robot Chicken), and others not as well know to public, but behind the scenes, were contributors to the renaissance of stop motion.

Go here for information & scheduled guests ….

GUMBY FEST – June 14, 2014

LINKS: GUMBY website‘Gumby’s Adventures’ credits 1988 TV series

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