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The Fall of Vinton Studios

May 24, 2014

For the animation, specifically, the Stop Motion obsessed, this may be an interesting historical trivia read.  The article about Vinton Studios (at end of my comments here),  appears to be a reasonably good chronological timeline history.  Lots of details I was not aware of. This drama started about 15 years ago where Vinton Studios would eventually be bought & taken over by new leadership and renamed Laika Studio.

I worked at Vinton Studio on the first season of The PJs. Reading this, I did not know that Phil Knight at that time (1998-99) was starting the process of investing in the studio. Article mentions that Vinton Studios losing money on the TV Series The PJs and Gary & Mike.  In hindsight, to me, it did seem somewhat costly to produce a stop motion series for TV market which around 1999 year  catered to lowest common denominator very general tastes of audiences. Viewers are not accustomed to niche type television entertainment and perhaps The Pjs and Gary & Mike were ahead of its time.

This is only another example, in this very micro-small niche area of Stop Motion production which seems to be cursed since the beginning of stop motion! ;) In general, drama, politics, & ego stuff, or many variations of this has gone on since the beginning of cinema, and today, likely much more dog-eat-dog competitive at much larger scale in this age of excess digital media bombardment,  Way BIGGER  EGOS & CORPORATE SIZED MONEY is involved in mainstream movie biz.


How the Father of Claymation Lost His Company

At the end of above article, also read the comment-reply posts .

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One Response to “The Fall of Vinton Studios”

  1. Ron Cole says:

    A pretty eye opening and shocking article. Strange how the politics of these things works on people’s perceptions, because nobody ‘bought’ Will Vinton’s studio because Will Vinton isn’t a studio… he’s an artist and a man. They purchased his building and managed to kick him out of it but that’s all. Will Vinton Studios goes wherever Will Vinton goes because HE IS Will Vinton Studios… nobody can buy him or kick him out of himself. No matter who bought what, the credit for all those productions will always be credited to his work and his vision, they’ll never be able to take that away.


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