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Indie Stop Motion, interviews – ‘Mad God’ and ‘Dark Earth’

April 28, 2014

In the latest issue of Stop Motion Magazine …

‘Mad God’ is Phil Tippett’s ongoing independent short with predominately stop motion animation being used for the characters. It appears that there will be subsequent chapter releases of ‘Mad God’… sort of a continuing story.

‘Dark Earth’ an indie feature is working on getting some funding. It is being spearheaded by Peter A. Montgomery. It will have a vintage look capturing Jules Verne (Edwardian period) aesthetics, or as the ‘kids’ today, they have taken that style and renamed it … ‘Steampunk’.

In both interviews a little bit of commentary emerges about the politics of mainstream movie biz. The ‘Dark Earth’ interview, it gets slightly more into it … the ‘business’, the struggles of Indie work, etc..

At no cost, you can download the Stop Motion Magazine #14 and if you have time, be sure to thank them for the richly informative free magazine …


LINKS: Mad GodPeter A Montgomery Youtube ChannelStop Motion Magazine

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2 Responses to “Indie Stop Motion, interviews – ‘Mad God’ and ‘Dark Earth’”

  1. Ron Cole says:

    The interview with Phil was really great and it could really put SMA Magazine on the map! :D

  2. sasquatch says:

    I just read the Dark Earth interviews…very interesting and the talent/know-how of all the animators along with P.Montgomery is quite formidable, but the rub is; the live action. That will determine whether they have a film or a collection of awesome stop motion effects shots and a cool movie poster. As I’ve been in the midst of trying to do a film with a human cast, I’ve realized how consuming that part can be…suddenly months have gone by and I’ve done very little on the animation. Good luck fellas! I’m a fan of all of them and the genre Peter is attempting to emulate and improve upon. 70’s Amicus pictures with stop motion-YEAH! What I always felt was missing from Doug McClures films- stop motion monsters!I hope to see it someday.


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