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Going ‘gah-gah’ over 3D Printed ‘Bears on Stairs’?

April 16, 2014

This has somewhat, minimally gone viral and why then why am I posting this? I actually do not want to promote this! Here are some examples of the praises in the web-o-sphere … ‘… heart warming short‘, ‘bear on stairs, no cgi’, ‘amazing’, ’smooth’, etc..

A media created supposed excitement over 56 seconds of 3D PRINTED parts photographed in sequence? This ol classic technique is called ‘replacement animation’. It appears most of it done in the computer including the animation movement-cycles, then, 3D Printed. Oh hum …YAWN.

As usual today, the short attention span & memory of the masses/peoples! :x Specifically in the animation area, minimal appreciation by the mouse clickers, about the history & roots of animation. IMO, this simple 3D bear cycle animation is so ’so-so’and nothing unique or fresh, compared to what George Pal and his artists-craftsmen have done in earlier cinema … hand crafted animation (replacement method). Watch and LEARN from artists of the past … what is supposedly New today, is not always so ….

George Pal Documentary (1984, 40 min)

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3 Responses to “Going ‘gah-gah’ over 3D Printed ‘Bears on Stairs’?”

  1. U_Ani says:

    I sort of agree, they should stick to the Coraline/Paranorman approach of only using it for selective areas of the animation. However, if they enjoy doing it like this it’s not like that’s going to end the world, just don’t pretend that it’s true stop motion craft.

  2. Ron Cole says:

    The first time I saw the bear video, I thought I was watching the CGI it was created from and I kept waiting to see what it looked like after it was printed. After I realized that what I was watching WAS the printed version, I couldn’t imagine what the point of printing it was. If what comes out of the printer looks exactly like what’s in the computer – why print it at all?

  3. paulVTX42 says:

    Hear, hear!


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