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‘In Memoriam’ – 2014 Academy Awards

March 3, 2014

I have to admit, I have not watched the Oscars in many, many years. These days, I mostly do not go to the ‘theaters’ to watch the current crop of movies. I suppose it is my unconscious & indirect personal protest of today’s mainstream film products pumped out by corporate studios with their excessive production budgets. Where does the fricken millions & millions of the cash go!? Also, these award events from Tinsel Town at times becoming politically correct. IMO, the ‘Arts’ should be neutral.

I sometimes have alluded to in past posts/comments, that I do not care much for these current times, in general. As for the movie business, I do know it has always been a Business combined with Art offering an entertainment product, however, in the earlier days of mainstream films, for me and I am sure, for many of you also … ‘The Movies’ back then were somehow more special, more meaningful, and having much greater longevity (becoming classics) when compared to today’s, often derivative & formulaic movies.

Remember, I am speaking about ‘mainstream’ movies. I do see much more diversity and flavors of movies coming from Independent Film-making . You may not see them at theaters, however, here is where I applaud technology … it has made film-making much more affordable to artists, also, especially …. we can see those kind of niche movies through alternative distribution such video on demand, rental, satellite and you can enjoy them in the comfort of your residence on your large LCD flat-screen TV.

Again, I did not watch the Oscars this year, however I do sometimes catch a glimpse of the news after the awards, showing brief clips of the ceremony. Here is the In Memoriam segment, then actress/singer finishing it off with a song. At the 2 minute mark, for those of us that have interest in cinema special effects, you will immediately recognize. Also, other names not familiar to many of you, but were either behind the camera or in front of, who have made their contributions to the, more Golden Age of Movies ….

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3 Responses to “‘In Memoriam’ – 2014 Academy Awards”

  1. StopmoNick says:

    Among his roles, Philip Seymour Hoffman provided the voice for the character of Max in the stopmo feature Mary and Max, so both images you posted here have a stop motion connection.

  2. L.I.O. says:

    @ Ron – I cannot even remember when I stopped watching but it has not been as long as you. When I did briefly look at the televised ceremony long ago, I do recall primarily watching the segments for special effects and also the animation.

    I somewhat hesitated posting the above video here, because look at the default image. It was the actor who unfortunately was self-destructive causing his own death. I do not know most of these newer mainstream actors and I sure was not follower of this one. Of course, self-abuse behaviors for whatever reasons happens in all walks of life … but … I am digressing here!

  3. Ron Cole says:

    I don’t think I’ve watched the Academy Awards since about 1978 for the same reasons.


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