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What happened? ‘Sinbad – The Fifth Voyage’ follow-up

February 17, 2014

As of this posting, 5th Voyage opened in theaters last week, Friday, February 7, however, my brief search now, it looks like 5th Voyage has already gone & vanished from the theaters?? Let me say first, that I thought it was a miracle that 5th Voyage was finally released after taking a very long production time (years) and then, repeated postponement & changes of release date. If you are not aware of it, this was an very limited & quick showing at a micro-small number of theaters across the USA, which is understandable because Indie films usually do not have the corporate studio clout and mega-budgets for marketing & distribution.

Because the general public was not aware of 5th Voyage, one can see why there was very minimal buzz (talk, news, etc.) ‘out there’. I asked myself ‘Where are the reviews?’ I only heard the sound of chirping crickets‘. Only ONE frick’n review on Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango has random minimal comments about Sinbad. I do not consider those actual ‘reviews’.

I thought, why not offer to movie reviewers or popular bloggers like Ain’t it Cool News, JoBlo.com , and other interwebz outlets, a free private streaming of 5th Voyage so that they might be motivated to do a review? Back in 2010 the Jo Blo website commented about Sinbad but no update by Jo Blo. IMO, it should be the responsibility of the 5th Voyage publicity people to be MORE pro-active & creative in promoting their product! Such as press packages to key film reviewers & bloggers and as mentioned free screening of the film. Even if the reviewers or film critics gave Sinbad, mediocre or bad ratings, at least it would help bring attention to the movie! Publicity by whatever means, you know?

It appears that 5th Voyage will be available internationally and also through Video on Demand from the movie streaming vendors. Perhaps, when stream viewing is available, there might be some attention given to Sinbad, by reviewers & bloggers. Read this 5th Voyage Finally Rebooted Vintage Style in Theaters

One more mini-tirade thought :mrgreen: … After some years ‘observating’ the Stop Motion Animation evolution to present day, it seems that Creature Character Stop Motion Effects (Hi-tech Harryhausen-esque) is in the extreme minority, even among the general stop motion fans & animators. They get all excited about the Paranormans, the Frankenweenies, the Aardmans, the Nightmare Before Christmases but when it comes to Harryhausen style character stop motion, there seems to be no support from them. Last week, when 5th Voyage was playing in 10 theaters in the Los Angeles area, I clearly noticed in my social-schmocial facebook circle/connections, not much comments or sharing from the Southern California Stop Motionists about Sinbad! Hey … just SAYING … Capisce?? ;)

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