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‘Junk Head 1′ (2013) – stop motion short by Yamiken Hori

November 8, 2013

Junk Head 1 takes place after a conflict between humans and clones. The clones have been driven far below, to the lower levels of the city. Now, 1,200 years later, humans are sending a research pod down below to study the clones’ habitat.”

Preview …

Posted by LIO’s Nephew

UPDATE: Full version/completed with english subtitles ‘JUNK HEAD 1′

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7 Responses to “‘Junk Head 1′ (2013) – stop motion short by Yamiken Hori”

  1. Great job Takahide Hori! This is an amazing amount of work to be done completely by oneself.

    堀 貴秀おめでとうございます!すごい!

  2. Langley says:

    Can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said here. Truly amazing.

  3. Clay Mara says:

    What a great stop motion film,Beautifully made!
    Hopefully this nice film will get more attention.
    Must have taken a long time for everything.
    The sets and puppets are above words stunning.

  4. Downeyj says:

    Really hard to imagine that it could be done by one person. Extremely well done. … Need to see all of it now.

  5. Alba says:

    This is truly inspirational. I saw it and I was so impressed by the quality and originality! WOW!

  6. Ron Cole says:

    A phenomenal load of work! This is the closest thing to the look and feel of Phil Tippet’s upcoming MAD GOD series I’ve seen.