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Where is Nick Hilligoss?

October 28, 2013

If you do not know who Nick Hilligoss is, then you are not a hard-core stop motion aficionado. Just enter his name and do search.

Here is recent work from Nick that I serendipitously found.  He is not responsible for the entire  finished product. This was some work he did for a client. Looks like client wanted a really B-Movie or maybe kind of Grindhouse style. If you have a keen eye, it will be easy to see Nick’s very Harryhausen-esque animation, in which Nick’s high quality work is actually too good compared to the other less less quality scenes.

Monster Fest 2013 promo

I believe Nick makes some appearances at the classic Stop Motion Animation forum which I regret to say, I have not visited as often (my bad). Nick, I am not sure, is maybe anti-facebook (maybe he’ll reconsider?) and I completely understand as I somewhat reluctantly joined IT a few years ago. If Nick did capitulate to FB ;) , I am sure he would have loads of friends request & a significant following of fans. Or maybe, I recommend he try-out Linkedin. It is targeted to companies, business, artists, freelancers, etc. … no social schmocial schmoozing :mrgreen: … but I digress here!

LINKS: Nick HilligossStopmoNick, Youtube

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6 Responses to “Where is Nick Hilligoss?”

  1. StopmoNick says:

    Thanks Ron and Lio! I’ll see if I can re-activate my account (that I closed after 30 minutes a couple of years ago).

  2. Ron Cole says:

    Aw Nick, Facebook isn’t so awful. Ultimately it’s not so different from SMA except that it’s where most of all the more professional people have gone. I’ve picked up a few jobs because I’m on Facebook and it’s way more exposure than I would ever get on SMA.

    Remember how much LIO hated Facebook and swore that he’d never end up there? Well it’s still a love/hate relationship but, that’s where he is most of the time and the same is true of most all of the old SMA members from about 5 years ago.

    Just recently someone was posting a bunch of your stuff there. No pressure but, I’d be really happy if you came on board there. You can always leave and there’s no rule that obligate you to be there very often.

    We miss you Nick. :)

  3. L.I.O. says:

    Just communicated with Nick. I re-visited my Linkedin connections and completely forgot that Nick is already on Linkedin! So, he has not completely rejected internet networking, promotion ;) Here is Nick’s Linked-in if you want to connect with him … Nick Hilligoss at Linked-In

  4. StopmoNick says:

    Thanks guys! Here I am – a regular reader of this column. Yes, I could have been a lot less fussy with the animation… I made poor Alex Machin do some of his mantis animation again to reach the level I wanted the stop motion to be. I knew the general Sleaze-O-Rama approach, but didn’t know the director would also throw in some jerky claymation monsters as well. Overall it was a fun thing to do.

    LIO, I did join Linked-In a few years back, but never go there and don’t really understand how it works. (Don’t even remember my password.) I sometimes get stuff in my inbox from a group which really seems to be all about one particular 2d animator promoting himself, that’s they only way I know I’m on it. But so many Stop-Moes are hardly turning up at SMA these days, I will be forced to look into these alternatives I guess. I’ll look for the Stop Motion Consortium if I can manage to log in. FB would be a last resort, but maybe that’s where most of you all hang out?

  5. sasquatch says:

    I liked your stuff Nick-the rest was total rubbish.
    I did like the titles style-Retro cool.

  6. jriggity says:

    Ha! Great stuff!!



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