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Henrietta Bulkowski

August 7, 2013

Yes, I said before, I was not going to post some of these crowd funding projects but would make some exceptions and I just could not overlook this one. This is an Independent Stop Motion short/project going for high production quality but with a somewhat restricted budget. Rachel Johnson is director & force behind Henrietta Bulkowski. She traveled abroad and apprentice in stop motion studios in the UK & Czech Republic. The artists & crew are ‘contributing’ their passion and sweat equity labor to Henrietta Bulkowski. If this were a regular animation production, the budget & costs would likely be MUCH MORE than the Kickstarter project goal amount of $40,000. As of this SMW News posting, Henrietta Bulkowski needs just $10,000. to reach the goal by Thursday Aug 22, 10:24am Eastern USA time.

LINKS: Rachel Johnson BioHenrietta BulkowskiLift Animation (facebook)

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