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Stop Motion, 2D, Cgi – Chameleon-like Webster Colcord

May 24, 2013

I have known Webster Colcord for a number of years. When he lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, in the golden age following The Nightmare Before Christmas, when stop motion opportunities where more abundant here … our paths would cross on projects. Also a few times, I got to visit his home studio set-up.

Webster is most eclectic as he is proficient in Stop Motion, 2D animation, and CGI! Sometimes, I kind of envy him but actually, I more impressed by his abilities. I say to myself, the Animation principles & skills he has acquired, must really be embedded into his genetics now, because he can apply his talents to any medium! I do not know if he planned it that way from the beginning, or maybe just a natural self-survival sense, to expand his skill-sets as needed, so he can pay the rent & bills! Here is a project Webster worked on. Cool behind the scenes presentation via still photos & time lapse ….

Webster, lives in Los Angeles now. In past years, many in animation & related that previously lived here have also relocated to Southern California which they say is the hotbed of entertainment business activity. Although like everywhere, the economy and these more precarious times affecting all of us in different ways. I hope that animation work activity picks-up so artists such as Webster and others can apply their talents and share their finished creative works with the audiences … you, me, & everyone!

LINKS: Reel of some past Stop MotionWebster’s various reels, tests, & early workWebster Colcord site

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2 Responses to “Stop Motion, 2D, Cgi – Chameleon-like Webster Colcord”

  1. Ron Cole says:

    AWESOMENESS!!! (what else is there to say?)

  2. Langley says:

    I love this!


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