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ECHO – In-progress Independent Short

April 29, 2013

It has come to my attention about this short film ECHO, from a stop motion & special effects colleague, his name Paul J. McConnochie, a Scotsman who resides in Denmark. With very limited resources he has accomplished a very challenging goal with the completion or near completion of a standalone studio building (aka Vortex42 Studios) located in the Denmark countryside. Paul hopes that ECHO will be one of his first completed projects to emerge from the new studio. My understanding is, that ECHO live action portion with the actors has been filmed already and now ¬†awaiting post production work … final editing, special effects works, musical score, etc..

ECHO will have special effects elements including advanced-style Stop Motion Harryhausen’esque effects. The story mentions ‘unusual creature with unknown intentions‘. It appears the video clip below created by Paul, of a UFO type alien, is just an example to demonstrate seamless digital integration of live action (actors, scenery, background, etc) combined with modern stop motion effects. The creature or monster’esque animated character in ECHO will be of completely different & original design ….

Paul is trying out the crowd funding service called Indiegogo to hopefully raise some funds to help complete ECHO. The amount of funds needed does not seem that much, £2000. gbp ($3090. usd). I am sure Paul can pull off a very creative quality piece of filmic work, with some production budget assistance. The completion funding would make the project go quicker. ECHO looks promising for the Film Festival Tour which helps give independent works more exposure to audiences, other indie artists and also producers!

Just seeing the poster image of ECHO with the young girl, it appears her acting skills will be of quality caliber believability. Maybe we can help the young actress on her journey to more recognition! This is a short funding campaign and will expire in about a week. Not much time, so if you can, perhaps consider doing it now? Any amount … lots of small donations add up. Stop Motion Works giving its official stamp of approval!

P.S. Even your Moral Support to project would be helpful, such as sharing news about ECHO on your website, blog, facebook page, etc.

LINKS: ECHO @ IndiegogoVortex42 Studios, Facebook

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2 Responses to “ECHO – In-progress Independent Short”

  1. Thanks so much, StopMotionWorks News!

  2. Brett McCoy says:

    Thanks for spreading the word!


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