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Ray Harryhausen Master of the Majicks – Vol 1

April 29, 2013

This is the third in a series of biblical sized books (each volume) about Ray Harryhausen’s life & career. The full title of this one is Ray Harryhausen Master of the Majicks – Vol 1: Beginnings & Endings. It appears book will also delve into into Uncle Ray’s retirement years. He retired after his last now classic work, Clash of the Titans (1981). Jeeez, that was 32 years ago? This new book is available for pre-ordering. Nice video teaser evoking much¬†nostalgia ….

The sequence order in the publication of these volumunous books was unusual. They first published volume 2 (Cyclops cover), then later published volume 3 (Medusa cover), and now this edition volume 1 (Ray on cover) is being published last. Just mentioning to the readers here, who may not be familiar about the somewhat mixed-up/backward sequence releasing of the books.

With these very niche books done by independent publisher, they appear to be Limited Editions. That means, when they are sold out, that’s it. My understanding is that Volume 1 and 2 are no longer published and not available anymore, although, I have seen some asking high prices for these books on Ebay. I purchase books to READ and not for collection or monetary investment purposes. I suppose, because these books are of a very specific category/interest, there is perhaps, not a sufficient market to re-publish the books as Paperback Editions of the sold-out Vol 1 & 2??? Unfortunately, I missed out on Vol 1, however, I do have Vol 2 … but I digress.

Volume 1 Master of the Majicks book being independently published and there is a detailed website presentation of this new upcoming book. Also, you can see good descriptive details of the earlier sold-out Vol 2 & 3 books, and might cause you to be disappointed because they are not available anymore from the publisher :( . Again, for this new Vol 1 you can reserve a copy, available for pre-ordering … ARCHIVE EDITIONSFacebook, Archive Editions

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One Response to “Ray Harryhausen Master of the Majicks – Vol 1”

  1. Peter A. Montgomery says:

    The legend may have left us. But his work lives on through film, and other dedicated artists. You will indeed be missed Ray.


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