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Counter 656 Production – Toy Animations & Action Films

April 19, 2013

I am always amazed at the cornucopia of undiscovered talent out there in all areas of arts, entertainment & general creativity (not just animation). Here is one and I am merely speculating he might have been inspired in the past by the king of action figure toy stop motion animations, from filmmaker Patrick Boivin.

It is likely many of you have not heard of Counter 656 Production or seen this. Whereas Patrick Boivin, in each of his creative action figure stop motions, they last a few minutes or less, Counter 656 production, ratchets it up to higher level. His animated work below is an amazing 6 minutes long of wall to wall action (go full screen & pump-up speaker volume!) ….

For beginners or in-progress Stop Motion students: IMO … CGI many times has obsessive focus in excess detail in their animations, such as overkill with plethora of animated facial points, superfluous jello-like muscle motion & skin jiggle. Patrick Boivin’s and Counter 656 Production’s animated works, demonstrates that pre-occupation with that kind of detail, is not needed. The emphasis is on KEY POSES and that they be dynamic. In this type of action style animation, you do NOT have to do absolute smooth frame by frame animation, instead, like I said … focus on the Key Poses.

Animation can be impressionistic, stylized. The artist-creator does not need to insert every frigg’n detail. The ‘audience’ subconsciously & instantly fills in the ‘details’ in their minds. Things can be suggested through creative cinematic storytelling, snappy editing, and other cinematic methods. It is the CREATIVITY aspects that serves as the foundation, and NOT the hyper-costly computer software or the hundreds of people in the CGI production pipeline with mega hundred million budgets. I wonder if the ‘Suits’ will ever understand this?? (I think not)

I have no idea who is Counter 656 Production. He lives & works in Taiwan and does his animated work as sort-of of a hobby! Did the above animation require a huge production budget or large crew? From his Youtube channel, I quote, “Animation part took me 53 days and sound application, modification took me 6 days, this entire video took me in total 59 days and around 6000 pictures”

LINKS: Counter 656 Production

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4 Responses to “Counter 656 Production – Toy Animations & Action Films”

  1. Johnny says:

    what software is he using i need something simple to use

  2. awsomeninja says:

    hey ounter what softwre do you use to make starscream look look like he is flying btw love the work

  3. U_Ani says:

    One can polish a turd without changing it’s core quality. How ever, when it’s something way better than that the polish can only supplement it. With these types of productions any computer enhancement is just that, an enhancement that helps the aforementioned key poses progress naturally.

    No crutch methods at work here. Truly outstanding!

  4. stopmo says:



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