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Beat the ‘Crab’ out of homogenized CGI?

March 21, 2013

I have maybe repeated myself in past rants of long time ago here at SMW News, and I will continually repeat (for the ’short attention span’ public ;) ) … “I can probably count on ONE hand, the micro few Stop Motionists who are active in some way, with the animation art & craft practice of Harryhausen-esque and/or Dynamation-style Stop Motion”. Internationally, worldwide there might be a few more that I am not yet aware of. Of course, there is the popularity of the cartoon-stylized all-puppet form of Stop Motion animation and obviously, I appreciate that and always have been strong advocate of (that is the purpose of Stop Motion Works). For me, there can never be enough stop motion! More, more, more … the Frankenweenies, the Paranormans, the Wallaces & Grommits, etc, etc.

Specifically though in this news post, I am spotlighting the quasi realistic & surreal stop motion that everyone in special visual effects has constanty praised, the great master, Ray Harryhausen for inspiring their special effects interests & maybe careers. Most of them though, likely doing mouse clicking CGI but I am guessing, perhaps many have internal desires to actually work on or see modern Dynamation-style project with a healthy production budget! ‘We’ who a particular strong passion for this Stop Motion visual effects & more emphasis on traditional practical & classic-style effects, are, IMO, in the atom-sized minority even within the Stop Motion community.

Brett Piper who I have mentioned in past, is one of those filmmakers & artists who actively pursues Harryhausen-style effects work. His work is for the the B-Movie market. As I said in previous commentary, with alternative distribution options now, independent filmmakers have more opportunity to have their products seen by audiences. Brett however has been doing his work before digital revolution and already established name for himself in the niche Indie B-market movie biz. Here is the latest cool stuff from Brett … teaser clip from ‘QUEEN CRAB’ which is still in progress (to be released later) … pure fun & escapism and captures retro days I yearn for ….

Addendum: There are a few other artists/filmmakers still doing Harryhausen-style Stop Motion. Some I have mentioned and others, I have not yet. You can be sure Stop Motion Works News will be giving these ‘ Children of The Harryhausen™ ‘, their due credit here.

LINKS: Brett Piper’s Website and Facebook

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4 Responses to “Beat the ‘Crab’ out of homogenized CGI?”

  1. anonymous says:

    Classic B-movie stuff. I feel like the director had a lot of fun with this. Speaking of which, I have perfect material for the next headline. Peter Montgomery has rendered perfectly a flock of Pterodactles. Truly stunning stuff. It looks real. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FT-bIsrNNbc&feature=youtu.be

  2. Langley says:

    I love this soooo much! Can’t wait to see it!

  3. sasquatch says:

    CAN’T WAIT! Loved the ani-man in it’s clutches…I mean you could tell, but I loved it! I loved the shot of it wrecking the little house as well-pure escapism. Nice…Good job Brett!
    From a fellow crabby.

  4. U_Ani says:

    Lovely little video! The last shot of the crab tossing down the jeep is my personal favorite. Take that, drunk drivers!


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