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StopMoWorks Film Fest – 2013 Oscar Animated Shorts contenders

March 2, 2013

The general mainstream movie goer public likely, are usually not aware of the yearly animated shorts submitted to the Oscars. During 2012 the contenders submit their animation shorts for 2013 award consideration. At least, with these mostly independent works, there is WAY MORE VARIETY in animation styles, aesthetics, stories, concepts, etc., compared to the sterile & homogenized CGI mainstream stuff. All the nominated one’s are listed below except for a few in which only trailers were available. As I said, there is good variety & mixture of animation methods. Some appear to be traditional 2D animation but they might possibly hybrid 2D combined with computer.

Personally, I have not watched them all and although I appreciate the varieties of animation I am not a heavy follower of the general animation genre. I am mostly a Special Effects & Stop Motion fanatic … preferably ol’ school classic methods :P . I do not know the history or artists & talents behind these animated shorts and that is something you can search. I have listed below, all the 10 Oscar entries. You might want to take an evening or two watching them. Stock-up with the appropriate food snacks, beverages, get your favorite pipe or cigar (for the connoisseur¬†smokers only) and sit back in your most comfortable couch/chair … lower room lights, turn up the volume and let us momentarily escape from the harsh reality of these current volatile times … enjoy ….

Adam & Dog

Combustible (trailer only)


The Eagleman Stag

Fall of the House of Usher (trailer only)

Fresh Guacamole

Head over Heels

Maggie Simpson in The Longest Daycare


Tram (teaser only)


And the OSCAR goes to PAPERMAN!? Hmmm, I see that this animated short was produced by Disney? (no comment :| )

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2 Responses to “StopMoWorks Film Fest – 2013 Oscar Animated Shorts contenders”

  1. David T. says:

    Wow, Katsuhiro Otomo! The man behind Akira.

  2. Brian O. says:

    “And the OSCAR goes to PAPERMAN!? Hmmm, I see that this animated short was produced by Disney?”

    For that reason I banked that Paperman would win. I doubt you were surprised, too.


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