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It is NOT a Cgi Skeleton

December 27, 2012

We at Stop Motion Works posted in the past about about Peter Montgomery. He just posted this brief not finished scene at facebook. I think Peter will later upload a more completed version. This is STOP MOTION ….

Here is partial quote I posted at Peter’s facebook, “Where the FAUK are the studios/producers (aka suits) in the UK to hire Peter??? There has to be a B-Movie industry in the Euro countries like there is in USA? Also, Japan and & other Asian countries produces lots of horror B-movies … a niche cult following …” Sooooo,  if you producers out there perhaps start considering Peter, maybe SMW News will not need to continue to post about Peter’s very high production look but cost-effective special effects work/services.!!

A more recent Demo FX reel from Peter ….

UPDATE 1-7-13, another scene of animated skeleton ….

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8 Responses to “It is NOT a Cgi Skeleton”

  1. Neville says:

    Peters work is amazing. He has a great eye for detail and thinks his shots through extremly carefully. He not only does a fantastic job at the stop motion but he acts extremly well within his clips. He is multi faceted from the hands on to the comping and lighting and the effects and this is to a high degree. I look forward to seeing more of his work in the very near future.


  2. Peter A. Montgomery says:

    The sequence has been completed now. I got my actor friend to do it eventually.

  3. U_Ani says:

    As much as that stinks we still have this animation clip to refer to when needing to demonstrate the modern potential of stop motion.

  4. Peter A. Montgomery says:

    I’m sad to report that this sequence will npt be completed. I’ve been let down by a vital cast member involved in it. sorry folks. That’s showbiz. Peace all :)

  5. sasquatch says:

    As long as the goal is to look COOLER than CGI then O.K.
    We should never aspire to “look as good as” CGI.
    I dislike the look of a lot of it.
    Peter is on the right track by starting with physical objects tho’. Ron, several others and myself all are doing
    this to one degree or another…(mine to a lesser).
    The new Sinbad film should be a validation of the efforts of these pioneers of the NEW MIRACLE OF THE SCREEN;
    Sorry Ray and all else that I’ve offended just now…
    Shut up you guys!

  6. U_Ani says:

    It’s all in the creative use of the different tools which Peter’s work really shows to have open potential to independent film productions. Someone who knows their stuff really should work with artists like Montgomery. Watching these videos really has given me inspiration in terms of audiovisual expression(I’m an animation hobbyist).

  7. Ron Cole says:

    The work Peter has been producing in the past few years has been extraordinary! His work is a prime example of the need for the indie film producers who work with reasonable budgets to reintroduce Dynamation style stop motion and miniature special effects into their product.

    Both Peter and I have been producing these kinds of special effects on the FREE or dirt-cheap side of budget limitations… and we’ve already seen what a real budget can do for Dynamation effects in films like Dragon Slayer and The Gate back in the 80’s. If producers were to put some real money behind Dynamation effects today – with all the new cool tools we have to make them really rock… they could easily surpass CGI in cost effectiveness.

    Back when Dragon Slayer was produced, adding motion blur and doing the compositing were major hurtles to get over and they were very expensive but, those costs have been virtually eliminated by today’s affordable technology. Stop motion animators of today are now free to create incredibly realistic creature effects without any ‘Go-Motion’ rigs or extensive compositing on chemical film to deal with.

    The indie film producers of today have a treasure trove of effects they can afford to include in their films but the biggest problem is… they don’t seem to know it. :(

  8. Larry Larson says:

    This is so much more fun than “sterile” cgi. I would very much like to see a feature movie with stop motion effects like Peter Montgomery has done here


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