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Pre-production – The first ‘Jurassic Park’ (1993)

November 14, 2012

I am not much of a collector of movies on Dvds. I usually, mostly rent them. Some of you collectors may have already seen this (from your mega-library of Dvds). This is the Stop Motion Animatics (moving storyboard) of the original Jurassic Park. Tippett Studio did the Stop Motion animated key JP sequences then this was used by JP director, Steven Spielberg as a storyboard guide to film the actual sequences. You have to remember this was shot for reference only. The stop motion animatics are not Go-motioned, but just straight regular stop mo. The miniature sets, puppets, lighting were all rough, & puppet supports are visible. This was NOT meant to be a finished & polished animated work. Again, it was used as a storyboard guide for the director.

In the past, I have only seen clips from the JP animatics and have not seen the entire stop motion sequences. Some clever & creative youtubers posted the entire animatics, then over-dubbed the sound, music from the original finished movies, and edited into the animatics, which was originally shot by Tippett Studio without any sound.

Raptors roaming the Kitchen – The human puppets are really rough & dirty and not animated with high degree of motion accuracy. The Raptor puppets were, of course, animated with more finesse. This was only for general overall visualization of the sequence ….


T-Rex Escapes - The Youtube poster mistakenly calls this Go-Motion. Again, it was not Go-mo ….


The finished Jurassic Park used combination methods … dino suits, puppetry, and animatronics. It was not all CGI. Here is early past clips of Stan Winston & crew doing R&D in the creation of the Raptor creature suits ….


You got extra time to kill? If so, here is one of the Jurassic Park documentary specials The making of Jurassic Park

LINKS: Tippett StudioStan Winston Studio

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4 Responses to “Pre-production – The first ‘Jurassic Park’ (1993)”

  1. Dave Hettmer says:

    You can’t beat the raptor suits for realism.

    Yeah, the media used in animatics has reversed, but in a way the role of stopmo hasn’t. Back then, there were few, if any, CG animators who really understood how to animate. So stopmo showed them nuances and so on for the CG in animatics and as part of the actual workflow (DIDs, etc).

    Nowadays the CG animatics are used to rough out motion for stopmo films, but from what I’ve seen the animatics aren’t used for details – that still is in the stopmo animators’ domain.

  2. anonymous says:

    The new Sinbad prequel/reboot’s trailer has been released!

    While I feel the modern, overly contrasted and graded film style contrasts with the classical-Harryhausenish stopmo sequences, I feel that this could at least showcase what the art is capable of. Really like the crab, and the battle with the skeleton army feels like it could have been animated by Harryhausen himself. I really hope someone in Hollywood watches it and takes note.

    Keep in mind, before James Cameron directed The Terminator, he started with Piranha 2. Even if The Fifth Voyage turns out to be a disappointment, I hope that someone out there will try to reopen the lost venue of stop-motion effects sequences in theatres.

  3. Strider says:

    I love those animatics!! Isn’t it weird – they used stopmotion as animatics for a CG production, and today it’s usually the other way around…

  4. U_Ani says:

    I feel rather fond of the animatics simply because of how they bring across the behavior in the dinosaur characters sometimes much more than the movie itself. Just watching them move is almost hypnotic in nature. All of those little subtleties like the T-rex scratching itself or doing sudden, bird-like movements. That is what makes a character, being able to tell a story with expressive motions while retaining the whole package within certain constraints.

    The full scale puppets that they used in the film seem to come alive much more in those behind the scenes videos than they do in their in-movie scenes. When they can be looked at more clearly it is rather impressive how much effort the artists went through which is what made JP a special film in my childhood. If there is one thing that’s proven here it is that computers never make the art but the the operating minds themselves. That is what feels so off today, many seem to believe that the computers do more of the lazy work than they actually do. Not true!


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