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Speaks volumes: Ray Harryhausen versus ….

September 20, 2012

All the ranting & tirading that myself and many others have done, powerfully expressed in one image here ….

Above image was from one of the  facebook stop motion releated groups. Just sharing for those who are not on facebook. The credits is from ‘Clash of the Titans’ remake.  It is a symbolic statement. Of course Ray Harryhausen had assistance from other artists, craftspeople, & technicians but it was very small especially compared to today’s bureaucratic productions that are of extreme excess budgets.  Below are sample reactions/comments from the group members (poster’s identity hidden for their privacy) ….

Poster 1 - :)
Poster 2 – Strings and wires are the secret of the best effects, I guess.
Poster 1 - If I will make a creature movie, my recipe will be this: stop motion + digital compositing (wire remove+ digital motion blur)
Poster 3 – How true!!!
Poster 4 – Epic XD
Poster 5 – 100% agreed!
Poster 6 - And why modern visual effects look like assembly line products.
Poster 7 – Ray Harryhausen was a genius. I still like his special effects better than most modern day ones.
Poster 8 – Ray’s still alive :)
Poster 9 - Alive and kicking at the age of 92! And as he said “he still has all his marbles”
Poster 10 – In regard to cgi he was admittedly impressed with it but said it was just another tool as a means to an end. He also made a comment about the “droves” of people now required to generate what he did by himself and the subsequent outlandish budgets.
Poster 11 – He was still stunned with the 15 million budget they gave him and Charles for Clash of  Titans which he said most of which went to pay the stellar cast. He did cut a percentage deal on that film as opposed to his standard fee though. Everytime the film is screened he is paid for it.
Poster 12 – If you compare these two techniques, you must conpare the outcome. And in that case, modern effects wins without a doubt.
Poster 13 – Indeed, indeed ,indeed.  As in I agree this is shocking (ray vs cgi credits)
Poster 13 – But ‘poster 12′, traditional stop motion can kick some arse today. I myself have actually proven that . Might sound egotistical, but it needs to be said in defense of older FX. CGI aint all that.

LINKS: Did CGI break the visual effect industry’s back?

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4 Responses to “Speaks volumes: Ray Harryhausen versus ….”

  1. U_Ani says:

    An intuitively strong artist who gives his/her work the right meaning can do the work of five men. The world NEEDS more of such out-of-the-box thinking individuals at least for the benefit of culture and art if for nothing else.

  2. L.I.O. says:

    @Ron – I only got personal Facebook so I could get the Stop Motion Works FB to supplement this site. I mostly do not comment on personal FB. It’s maybe okay for family & real friends to keep in touch. Depending on the ’supposed friends’ circle, they can be too ‘politically correct’. Hostility can develop if you offer other POV. Do not have time for that crap & will do my battles elsewhere :evil: . FB can be compulsive & ego trip for many.

    LOL! Special effects credit so LONG that you have to go to a website! Mainstream movie biz like Gov’t … extreme high costs & wasteful spending and bureaucratic? ;) What is also shameless … movies on cable/satellite TV, they run the credits at 5 times speed and then they shrink to bottom half screen while running coming up next or preview crap in top screen half.

  3. Hi, stopmoers,

    The picture was actually made by me yesterday, I’m sure a lot of you are in connection with me either on FB or on LinkedIn. (Ron, you even sent me a story last year which will be used as an epilogue in my RH bio, I hope you still remember me :) )

    It was originally intended for pure fun, I hadn’t hoped that it would be this popular (it became a “meme”, as they call it these days). Of course it is NOT a really fair comparison, it’s exaggerated for better expressing the irony of the situation. But I’m happy to see the comments and I’m glad that a lot of people share the same opinion as me.

    You did make my day by putting this image of mine here. Long live stop motion animation!

    Peter (from Hungary)

  4. Ron Cole says:

    LIO thanks for passing this along from the world of Facebook for those of us who have veered away from that whirling sucking event horizon around the black hole of internet from which few escape! :o

    Good thing you didn’t post a pic of the CGI effects artist list from a Star Wars film. On THAT credit roll each letter of a persons name is only 1 pixel wide so you can’t even read them! I think that at some point they will stop posting the crew names on really ‘big’ films and just write…

    SPECIAL EFFECTS CREW FOR THIS FILM MAY BE SEEN AT – http://reallyhugelistoflittlenames.starwars/episode11.lucasunderlings@gmail.jedi.com

    Yes, Special Effects by RAY HARRYHAUSEN is far more palletable. :)


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