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Where is Tom Brierton? – New Stop Motion Armature Dvd – Guillermo del Toro visits Cyclops replica

September 17, 2012

On Facebook about a week ago, a few  posted regarding the whereabouts of  Tom Brierton. Within the niche stop motion community here in USA some of you may know of Tom. For most of his adult life he’s been involved with stop motion as a hobbyist, instructor, book author & has done professional work. Those that are addicted & compulsive facebookers, perhaps get nervous or insecure if anyone on their ‘friends list’ disappears or unfriends? ;) . I think, Tom only dropped out of facebook about a month or two ago? He de-activated his facebook and his stop motion armature website was taken down.

So instead of people  getting their ‘underwears in a bunch’, I just contacted Tom to say ‘What’s up!’ :) .  Well, I’m here to report that Tom is still out there, alive & well. Very briefly, Tom wants to completely focus on his independent feature, The Labyrinth. Personal life & other events has temporarily detoured him and his project was constantly being delayed. A more recent vicissitudinal event, made a more significant impact on his plans & life: An unexpected & sudden unemployment situation. Tom’s priority at this time is dealing with that and looking at other income producing or employment options to pay the rent & bills. This also includes, Tom working on getting his stop motion armature website back online . This is Tom’s  most recent CONTACT EMAIL: thomashbrierton AT hotmail.com (replace AT with @). Also,  he is  a member of the infamous & underground stop motion animation  forum/site and I think you can private message him there (look up his name/profile).


Professional Stop Motion ArmaturesJust got a review copy of Larry Larson’s new how-to stop motion armatures construction Dvd. Even though there may be lots of how-to resources on the internet, Larry’s video presents the steps of armature building, more or less, in sequential order. This general overview good for beginners to actually observe someone hands-on, demonstrating some of the armature construction steps. As I said, this is more of an overview of general armature making. After I watched it a few times, just my minor observation, a beginner might be at a loss with some missing details, however, any online resources can be supplemental in filling-in some of those details. Only one area where the video might have briefly gone off topic, is, the construction of the teeth which might be better for another how-to puppet construction video (hint, hint!). All in all, if you are looking into getting an overall understanding of jointed-style stop motion armature fabrication, Larry’s video can be included in your resources how-to  library. Who knows, it may become another Cult Classic like Kathi Zung’s how-to Foam Latex puppet making video! So, Larry offering a welcomed addition to the aggregate of Stop Motion knowledge for posterity’s sake. Maybe we will see sequel how-to Dvds from him! Here is a trailer for the dvd and where you can purchase it here.


I posted in the past about Fantamation Studio and the artist behind it Jim Davidson. He has been an independent artist in southern California for around 20 years. Jim also has a passion for Stop Motion and has been assisting Tom Brierton with his The Labyrinth project. Also, Jim via his Fantamation Studio, has been recently applying his modelmaking & creature character fabrication skills to create some fully animateable replica iconic stop motion puppets. He has fabricated puppets of King Kong, Tauntaun (& Luke), and more recent, Ray Harryhausen’s most iconic The Cyclops. Tom Brierton provided me a few photos, one of Guillermo Del Toro with Jim Davidson, posing with  The Cyclops animation puppet replica. Does it have an jointed armature and can you actually animate it? Well, look below as proof  (armature constructed by Tom Brierton) ….

Edit: Also, a cool fan tribute to The Empire Strikes Back where Jim & another associate Joe Schultz, sweetened up the Wampa creature attacking the Tautaun by inserting a missing shot (Tom also built this armature) – Take a look

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One Response to “Where is Tom Brierton? – New Stop Motion Armature Dvd – Guillermo del Toro visits Cyclops replica”

  1. Ron Cole says:

    Looks like Mr Brierton has taken the same ‘approach’ to Facebook as I have. ;) Facebook is one of many internet distractions that eat up more of your time than you realize, until you look back and think about it.

    I’m still posting online but, not nearly as much as I used to (I make a special exception for Stop Motion Works News commenting & ranting) Only 1 person is capable of creating animation and typing online at the same time (with his toes?) and that’s Nick Hilligoss… but he also avoids the Facebook universe.


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