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Oblivion (1994)

July 28, 2012

A Full Moon Entertainment product, what many call a B-Movie, however that is not a put-down. What are the biggest movies today in mainstream? Yes … the excessively budgeted, mega hundreds of millions of dollars productions doing sci-fi, horror, & fantasy flicks aka Glorified B-movies! Most of time it seems, I prefer watching the more variety of choices & flavors within the lower budgeted independently produced works and not much of the mainstream movie products (maybe later, until available for rental).

In the 1990’s, Charles Band’s Full Moon Entertainment was known as one of the prolific producers of B-flicks …. just pure escape fun with no pretense of being too serious. I may have to correct myself, Roger Corman was one of earlier ‘Kings in the B-movie’ entertainment products. Full Moon was also behind the never completed, David Allen’s ‘Primevals’.

Let us go back to 1994 year when special effects were hand-made (& cgi not yet taken over) … and experience the rarely seen not appreciated by many, cult classic … Science-Fiction & Fantasy mixed with Ol’ West Cowboy horse riding & shoot-out adventuring … OBLIVION! ….

A name maybe not known to you, Joel Fletcher. He was/is an accomplished & veteran Stop Motion Animator. He has a strong resume which includes much experience as a Character Animator (Cgi). At Joel’s website, he gives you behind the scenes description of the Stop Motion special effects Night Scorps scenes suprvised by late David Allen (1944-1999)& his team – Joel Fletcher, Paul Jessel, Joseph Grossberg, Laine Liska, and Jeff Taylor.

Joel’s website, most satiatingly informative for the hardcore Stop Motion aficionados & the behind the scenes addicted geeks :o . Like a time machine, revisiting the past when special effects were Hand-Made. Hopefully, The Children of the Harryhausen (new breed of Stop Motionists) with never-ending perseverance, will continue to battle the mainstream biz dark forces, to keep ol’ special effects hand-made techniques alive & viable, especially possible now, combining & enhancing with the digital technology tools now available.

P.S. I wonder where mainstream Hollywood borrows their movie story ideas? Ummm … Anyone remember Cowboys & Aliens (2011)? 17 YEARS after Oblivion (1994)

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4 Responses to “Oblivion (1994)”

  1. Thanks for posting this, Lio. I forgot what a beautiful job Joel did with the animation of the scorpions. There was some great stuff in those Full Moon films, mostly thanks to the stop-motion sequences. I wish Primevals could have been completed. The animation is stunning.

  2. sasquatch says:


  3. grecodan says:

    Growing up in a dinky little town in central Washington, movies such as this – and pretty much anything Charles Band produced – made for some fine nights at the drive-in. I even watched many of them!

  4. Langley says:

    I’m so glad you posted this. I LOVED Full Moon…partly because of their “making of” segments at the end of their movies (on VHS). As an aspiring stop motion animator, this was one place I could count on to see current work by folks like David Allen. OBLIVION is one that I never saw, but after seeing those scorpion creatures, I’m all over it! Thanks!


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