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Help needed: Contact Google Doodle, Ray Harryhausen’s 92nd birthday, June 29

June 4, 2012

From ‘The Ray & Diana Harryhausen Foundation’ Facebook fan page ….


For Ray’s 92nd Birthday we thought it would be a great idea for Google to change their logo or ‘Google Doodle’ to one that celebrates Ray’s 92nd year!

To get their attention, we thought it would be great if friends & fans of Ray (such as you) would also email Google and request a Google Doodle for his 92nd birthday on June 29th at …. proposals@google.com. Hopefully with enough support we may see a fantastic Google Doodle on the 29th June, and a fantastic surprise for Ray!!! “


What is a Google Doodle? – For those of you that use the Google Search engine, on their home page, whenever there is some holiday or whatever special event day, celebration, etc, the powers that be at the Google Fortress sometimes will post a special custom Google logo on their home page, known as the Google Doodle.

The decision on the selection of what special event day to post these Google Doodles, appears to be subjective and no clear-cut reason how they choose, in other words, it’s whatever Google feels like. Google does have contests for ‘Google Doodles’ submissions but that seems to be only applicable to kids/students who can submit Google Doodle. We are not talking about those student contests here, but instead, I am referring to the process & procedures to suggest and submit the regular Google Doodles.

Our Ray Harryhausen on June 29 will be turning 92 years of age. Historically, in commercial cinema, Ray’s classic works was the forerunner to the present day saturation of special effects ladened mainstream movies, in the genre, of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and  genres dealing with the Other-worldly. Ray Harryhausen was the inspirational special effects/animation hero to George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Guillermo Del Torro, James Cameron, Phil Tippett, and so many others in current mainstream motion picture production, who are top directors, producers, special effects houses, etc. They ALL know who Ray Harryhausen is. Through Google’s help, perhaps today’s Hi-Techy preoccupied public might be reminded a little bit of  the historical roots of cinema and who Ray Harryhausen is. I sometimes wondered, what if there was no Ray Harryhausen? How would that effected the evolution of today’s cinema product?

I do not know if my posting will help here. This is a CALL TO ALL, to write to GOOGLE at this email address, be sure to write in email subject, Google Doodle proposal or suggestion:


Suggest to Google that they consider a ‘Google Doodle’ specifically for Ray Harryhausen’s 92nd birthday on June 29.  Also, the more creative email authors out here can perhaps provide Google with brief History lesson about Ray Harryhausen and/or provide Google with informational links. You can even share this Stop Motion Works News post link. Also, important, any Illustrators & Artists out here, you especially should consider contacting Google … maybe provide preliminary illustration concepts to assist the Google artists. The image below, someone quickly posted a Doodle example on facebook. I am somewhat certain though, that this is not what Google is looking for, and instead, they prefer doodle illustrations & designs where each letter symbolizes an image of the special event ….

I do not do these public lobbying Calls to Action anymore because many times, there is procrastination & little response by the people/public, but at least, I will have a clear conscious that I made some small attempt to provide information here and perhaps motivate others! TIME IS SHORT … DO IT NOW … RAY’S birthday is JUNE 29th. Google should be swamped and/or inundated with plethoric cornucopia of email inquires/suggestions about this … DO IT NOW! Did I say NOW? Yes, I did say NOW!

EDIT: Only I (me), can make a detailed & lengthy PLEA, that even out-does The Ray & Diana Harryhausen Foundation’s announcement! :mrgreen:

LINKS: General Google Doodle InformationPast examples of Google DoodlesThe Ray & Diana Harryhausen Foundation, facebook fan pageRay Harryhausen WikipediaRay Harryhausen website

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3 Responses to “Help needed: Contact Google Doodle, Ray Harryhausen’s 92nd birthday, June 29”

  1. Paul says:

    Hi LIO… I tried emailing the chap at Google, who manages the Doodles, prior to Ray’s 90th birthday. However, I received no response. Some people at the time, as you say, suggested they only honour the post-humous, and “events”. I am not sure if that is the case… But the lack of anything on Ray’s birthday this year, would suggest there may be some truth to that. Seems a glaring omission (at least from our perspective). However, it may just not be on their radar for some reason… I have no idea if my email even got through to the guy (but, it never bounced either).

  2. U_Ani says:

    Not directly related to the Doodle but I made a special sketch for Ray this morning and would like to somehow get it passed to him. If someone would be willing to assist or advice what I can do I’d really love that. Otherwise I’ll just put it to deviantArt.

  3. L.I.O. says:

    Just got word from somebody who posted at Stop Motion Works facebook page, that this Google Doodle campaign was previously attempted for Ray’s 90th birthday. I do not remember that or maybe it was very low key effort? He says that Google does not do tributes to ‘living people’??

    If any of you get response from Google, you can confirm here and/or at SMW facebook fan page and let’s have ‘it on record’. So, this may all be futile, and I posted this in vain … oh well :(


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