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Independent Short: H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘The Shadow Out of Time’ (2012)

May 10, 2012

If you have not heard of the name Richard Svensson, well, he deserves much more recognition. We have at various times corresponded throughout the years. Richard resides in Sweden and has adopted the moniker/title as ‘The Lone Animator’. I am guessing because the art & craft Stop Motion animation community perhaps not as well known or appreciated in that country? What is wrong with you advertising agencies & ’suits’ in Sweden? Try something different than the over-used CGI (in your ads/commercials). You have a tremendous talent in your own country. Richard uses ol school special effects principles combined with digital image graphics. Not only is Richard a writer, illustrator, director/producer of his independent works, but also, a very accomplished technician & craftsman in all facets of Stop Motion, from character design, puppet fabrication, to the hands on execution of stop motion animation.

Richard’s work reminds me of the Czech film director, artist, animator, Karel Zeman; a stylized, kind of surreal look that is not suppose to be literal reality, but instead, very dream-like and propels you into a fantasy other world. Below is an example of Richard’s work, ‘The Shadow Out of Time‘ an independent short (15 minutes), being newly released. This is not for ADD type audiences who overdose on Transformers/The Avengers calorie heavy eye candy type movies ;) . Here, you need to be in calm state of mind and actually use your intellect to actually comprehend & follow a story. Turn down the room lights, raise the volume, and enjoy … a collaboration between Richard Svensson, Daniel Lennéer and Christopher Johansson ….

Below some links – Richard also generously shares his stop motion puppet construction techniques through his very easy to comprehend video tutorials.Check out his earlier blog posts in which he comments on behind the scenes about his other works. Also look at his Youtube channel …. his tutorials are rich information in making puppets & props

LINKS:  Lone Animator blogSMW News: Stop Mo puppet constructionLone Animator YoutubeKarel Zeman

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3 Responses to “Independent Short: H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘The Shadow Out of Time’ (2012)”

  1. U_Ani says:

    The narration really benefits from this kind of presentation. I love Richard’s work as well and find it inspiring in what I myself want to pull off with puppetry.

  2. Langley says:

    The Lone Animator is one of my regular stops on my internet cruising. I love that someone is doing Lovecraft inspired stop mo. I think the Lovecraft stories are perfect for the medium. Come to think of it, the stop mo for The Thing was great, and I consider that a very Lovecraftian film. I know some don’t dig Richard’s use of the green screen, but I think it helps with the dreamlike quality of his work. Plus, he’s never one to let a lack of location interfere with a project. Good, good stuff.

  3. I love this guys work! Great find.


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