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‘The Pirates! Band of Misfits’: Relaxing Behind the Scenes

March 29, 2012

Of course, we all have viewed a plethora of documentary-like or featurettes such as ‘making ofs’ regarding animation, special effects, and similar. Just speaking of documentaries ‘in general’ (not related to FX & animation), I also always liked, when there was minimal narration and without too much or frantic editing … just let the raw moving images and the real sounds & noises speak for themselves. Here is one that fortunately is about Stop Motion :mrgreen: . It is as though we are just ‘hanging out’ at the Aardman Studios. It seems like a calm & soothing work environment atmosphere … an escapism from all the real world crap out there ….




LINKS: Misfits movie WebsiteAardman Studios

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2 Responses to “‘The Pirates! Band of Misfits’: Relaxing Behind the Scenes”

  1. Ron Cole says:

    I wish they would do something like ad some of that behind the scenes footage into the end credits so that the viewers really get shown what it takes to make a film like this. Even if the audience realizes what stop motion is, they really need to see all the work that goes into making the puppets and sets – otherwise it may not even occur to them.

  2. Langley says:

    Now, this is the dream. Well…ONE of the dreams. =)


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