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Chipotle’s ‘Back to the Start’ stop motion viral ad (2011)

March 19, 2012

I believe that this was a viral marketed stop motion piece from last year (Sept, 2011) and only now, I serendipitously found it and watching it for the first time. Commissioned by Chipotle, a national Mexican style restaurant chain in the USA. The undercurrent of the ad perhaps can evoke some heated political debate (see youtube comments) … you know … attacking Big Agriculture, supposedly another capitalistic corporate Evil entity, out to screw the people. I will restrain myself :) and not commenting on the politics and also, I do not think Chipotle taking that view. It’s the youtube posters ’stirring it up’. I will be only posting here in reference to the aesthetic & style choice of using the stop motion animation technique. Check it out ….

I am again pleased, that the ‘powers that be’ chose to go with real hand made stop motion, even though it possibly was more labor intensive. This is similar advertising philosophy as the earlier UPS ‘My Choice ad’ posted here at SMW News which also used REAL Stop Motion. I can take a guess; if these ads were done CGI, they would NOT be as interesting or popular. Advertisers & agencies perhaps seeing that people/audiences are getting CGI over-saturated (too much, no variety) and some ’suits’ recognizing the public are intelligent and maybe unconsciously can sense between something that is handmade vs. all computer CGI-faked. Also, another COOL FACTOR that Cgi cannot compete with …. is the making-of behind the scenes when using hand-made Stop Motion or the use of practical, classic & other traditional (no Cgi) special effects techniques. Here is an edifying & informative ‘making of’ the Chipotle ad, in other words, a lot more FUN :mrgreen: watching the behind the scenes (compared to mouse-clicking CGI making-ofs) ….

One thing I did not have time to look-up is … WHO were the specific artists, crafts-people, technicians, studio, etc, that did the actual hand-making creation of this stop motion piece. I see the obvious credits to the director, producers, ad agency & so forth, but the names of the Artists & Creatives on the ‘frontline’ in bringing this animation to life, it seems more difficult to find and they deserve proper credit.

LINKS: Nexus ProductionsChipotle Mexican Grill

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One Response to “Chipotle’s ‘Back to the Start’ stop motion viral ad (2011)”

  1. Langley says:

    Such a cool piece! Does a great job of delivering a message.


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