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Headlines say: ‘John Carter on Mars’ Flopped

March 12, 2012

Covering other areas of Special Effects …. In my own opinion, the excessively budgeted ’John Carter on Mars‘ as most of the current mainstream genre flicks are (a money sucking black hole vacuum!) … well, so far … it has not performed so good at the box office. These mega-hundred millions budgeted movies having extremely short shelf life in theaters. By the way, anyone noticed how FAST Tintin went to DVD?? It was released to theaters only 2-1/2 months ago (December 21, 2011).

My past years commentary, I could see direction of this (many of you also seeing it)  … movie-making & decisions by the ’suits & committee’ especially with the god-like CGI mouse clicking powers to make constant changes. Formulaic & same Ol’ CGI effects with more in your face empty visual eye candy calories to compensate for weak story/characters. What an insane business & gamble venture, mainstream movie making is. It’s always been like that but many times worse now, so volatile, and much more fragile business. They choose to dump shameless amounts of money on a ’single’ movie in the desperate hopes of a wannabie box office hit. USA or North American audiences maybe getting more jaded with what ‘Tinsel Town’ is dumping on them. You can be sure the mainstream ‘Suits’ now more desperately looking to rely on worldwide box office because internationally those audiences may still go gah-gah & slobber over anything that has the ‘USA Hollywood-type’ branding.

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13 Responses to “Headlines say: ‘John Carter on Mars’ Flopped”

  1. L.I.O. says:

    Update 3-19-12 …

    ‘John Carter’ Loss Expected to be $200 Mil

    So far & counting … over 2000 comments @ yahoo movies JC news article link

  2. Langley says:

    Filmfan, I agree with you. I could handle a whole shelf of movies like this. True, it IS a CGI fest…but one that was done correctly.

  3. U_Ani says:

    Bureaucratic is certainly a good way to describe what is part of the issue. I’m done making assumptions anymore about an industry that I don’t understand anyway. It’s an alien world to the way I treat art now.

    One thing is a given though. Instead of watching mainstream films I have found better enjoyment from focusing on just expressing myself with my own visual format. Doesn’t take a zillion-gadillion-trillion-trillion budget to feel fulfilling. :p

  4. Langley says:

    I agree with the point that I think Lio is trying to make. It’s not so much the way the movie was made as it is the COST of making a movie that way. It seems like everything has to cost soooo much for anyone to really pay attention to it…and then they all want to tear it down because it doesn’t make it’s money back. Well, duh…the more a movie costs, the harder it is to break even. I think a nice combination of CGI AND practical effects would have served this movie well…and possibly brought down the cost a little. Still, it IS a fun movie full of that old adventure spirit that seems to be missing from many films. I do recommend it. BUT, let’s hope that a lesson might finally be learned…and that the NEXT big fantasy film (The Hobbit?) has a good combination of virtual AND practical effects. Better yet…a stop motion film that strives for realism again. While I’m looking forward to Frankenweenie and Paranorman, how cool would it have been to see at least ONE stop motion creature in John Carter? And I think it would have brought the film more positive coverage…if nothing else, for the attempt.

  5. John A says:

    The thing is some parts of this film could have been done with traditional methods, such as stop motion, for cheaper. Take for instance the white apes. They have a sculpted, natural looking and weighty quality. It would be a bit simpler and less expensive for them to be rendered as stop motion creatures, and not computer creations. Also Red Tails wouldn’t have bombed if they used model airplanes. Just sayin’

  6. filmfan says:

    You guys who don’t go to see this movie are really going to miss out. It’s quite a good movie. This is not a movie that is simply loaded up with visual effects eye candy, but rather a very well done fantasy adventure with strong character leads. It’s amazing how many movies and shows have “borrowed” or stolen from Edgar Rice Burroughs story. I have read a lot of favorable reviews on other sites from people who are not to snooty to actually go and see a good flick. It’s a shame this movie is not doing well at the box office, because it really does deserve to have a sequel.

  7. L.I.O. says:

    Yeah … enjoyable for $250 million ;) Not putting down John Carter … it just represents the whole hyper bureaucratic, over-budgeted, inefficient & wasteful process of general mainstream moviemaking. I made more comments at SMW facebook fan page which anybody can read (no need to register) ….


    These days, the theater to Dvd shelf turnaround factor is verrrry short. IF I see it, it’ll be rental & 2D format is always my preference (no 3D stereo).

  8. Tim says:

    Maybe John Carter just flopped because so many looked at it and just said “Avatar rip-off.” I can see something ironic like that happening.

    At the very least I found the movie quite enjoyable. I think that if you do go and see it, yes those videogame moments are there, but they’re few and far between. I think the real issue is just that effects are present on screen almost constantly once Carter sets foot on Mars. Still, it is worth seeing, and it’s certainly not the worst around.

  9. sasquatch says:

    I think it may have done poorly because it was released too soon. IT’S A “POPCORN” SUMMERTIME MOVIE! What were they thinking releasing it in March? Folks aren’t in the mood yet. Plain and simple.
    Then again I’m like Ron I woulda liked to have seen it in stop motion animation…In fact I actually courted a Major Motion Picture Co. in the 1980’s when I heard they were gonna do JCofM. I sent them these pics of a mars ape sculpt I did but was told that they didn’t know why I sent them !(!?), but I should move to Cally and join the sculptors union…I didn’t. http://pharosproductions.com/aosma/aosma_stanley_001.html AND; http://pharosproductions.com/aosma/images/aosma_stanley_004_hvs_250×275.jpg

  10. jriggity says:

    I am actually excited to see it!!

    you guys are grumpy old cooters…ha.

    Its sci fi….fantasy….and the director is definitely Solid….

    - a bunch of my very favorite stopo mo- creature effects films from our youth were NOT always the best storys…but I still could get my sci fi- fantasy happiness from them….

    I think one of the main reason this film did less than expected was the TITLE – wobbliness -that people were affected by…it changed names like 3 times.

    but still 200 mill is insane…..too much.

  11. Dave Hettmer says:

    I read $200M was spent on this. The clips show huge crowd scenes, like the ones in Phantom Menace that are too big to absorb and pull you out of the film. I don’t know if I’ll see it. The woola dog thing looks too much like a Lucas cartoon comic relief alien for my tastes.

  12. Ron Cole says:

    I won’t see this film, but I gotta say… I watched a 10 minute clip that I assume was from the beginning of the film – while John Carter is just a cowboy on Earth and it really seemed quite well written and directed.

    But the preview I saw in the theater (when I saw ‘Phantom Menace’ in 3D) had special effects that just seemed both video game-like and over the top with gazillions of creatures.

    I’ll totally admit that I won’t see it mostly out of my prejudice and I would have sat there frustrated thinking “Shoulda been stop motion – shoulda been stop motion…”


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