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UPS, no more dinosaur age: Stop Motion ‘My Choice’ Ad

February 20, 2012

A new ad promotion by United Parcel Service (aka UPS). I cannot believe I missed this. Appears to have debuted a few months ago. I’ve seen it on the internet but not on cable/satellite TV (but I haven’t been watching the tube much, recently) This spot maybe more innovative & fresh than previous one’s, particularly the ‘UPS Whiteboard’ Ads, however that one did spawn parodies on Youtube and so maybe, that ad campaign did work for UPS.

This one is kind of cool. Why? One reason it uses classic Stop Motion techniques in a fresh creative way. The spot clearly communicates the message, holding your attention via entertaining approach with the aid of the Stop Motion aesthetics style :) . If the ‘UPS My Choice’ ad were done Cgi like the recent Brisk Ad attempting to fake stop motion, it would not had been as effective. A big ‘Thumbs Up’ to whoever made the decision to use REAL Stop Motion for the My Choice spot! After you watch it, some links below it for your reading edification.

There is not much behind the scenes. One article gave some clues about the dinosaur paper stop motion puppet. It looks like thin plastic sheets were formed into anatomical-like shapes to serve as understructure for the armature and then the UPS delivery notices strategically glued over armature. Other small details … this ad promotion was created on USA East Coast studio-house called Charged Studios. That’s refreshing too … maybe renaissance of Stop Motion and other classic effects work returning to the Big Apple (as opposed to the dominance of West Coast ‘Tinsel Town’ special effects).

LINKS: Dexigner site article-byte … UPS My ChoiceLead Stop Mo Animator Pete Levin’s blogCHARGED STUDIOSclose-up pic what looks to be like the Dinosaur skull

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15 Responses to “UPS, no more dinosaur age: Stop Motion ‘My Choice’ Ad”

  1. L.I.O. says:

    Okay to partly satisfy Ron Cole :) , here is IRS Moneygami Ad ….

    IRS Moneygami spot – Paper and Dollar Bill Stop Motion

    … and discussion here at Stop Motion messageboard …

    Finally, Some New Animation By Me To Show

    The common theme …. both UPS Choicepoint and IRS Moneygami Stop Motion ads … MADE in the Big Apple aka NYC

  2. David T. says:

    Looks great, excellent work!

  3. U_Ani says:

    Inventive. Paper characters can be animated with aluminum foil too .

  4. Ron Cole says:

    Hey I know Esther! She’s nearly completed with her ‘Creamen’ film, I’m looking forward to that also. You should also know one of the lead animators working on that film – Chris Gilligan. He’s great, I worked with him back in the 80’s when I was ‘just’ a puppet builder.

  5. Adam Pierce says:

    Thanks we had really talented animators.
    Lead: Pete Levin w/Peter Blank & Esther Casas Roura

  6. Langley says:

    The personality of this little really shines through! Awesome!

  7. Ron Cole says:

    He he! :D Hey LIO I hope you don’t think I mentioned the Moneygami spot for any reason other than calling the attention of the folks from Charged. ;)

    Adam, Thanks for the invite! I’ll be over there just as soon as I can get this blasted Sinbad film out of the way. :D

  8. L.I.O. says:

    @Ron – It’s not like I intentionally ignored it. These days I’m not able to devote as much to journalism activities ;) . Heck, this cool Ups dino ad almost slipped by me! I guess, there may be SMW News part 2 about that Moneygami stop motion spot … ‘Made in NYC’ :D

  9. Adam Pierce says:

    Thanks for all the kind words. We had a blast making this spot for UPS and we look forward doing more. Charged Studios
    has been working hard to get on the map for while so let’s hope Ron is right. Ron you can come by for a visit whenever you want. I am as serious as a guy who plays with dolls for a living can get. :) Come on over for a playdate!

  10. Ron Cole says:

    Oh and LIO, you could have mentioned the east coast New York stop motion ad I recently animated for the IRS over at FlickerLab. (it’s called ‘Moneygami’ and was also animated with all paper) Viva NYC stop motion!!

  11. Ron Cole says:

    That was from Charged? Wow! I’ll need to get in touch with that studio. I had looked them up online and knew about them but, I wasn’t sure how serious a studio they are… OK, so could really up their profile quite a bit!

    Great Ad, Great Work! :)

  12. Hey everybody. Glad you liked the Dino. No plastic. Paper
    posterboard and foamcore. The armature is a mix of ball and socket and wire. Viva NYC stop motion!!

  13. StopmoNick says:

    Nice animation! Perky little dino! Sold me on the product too – delivery guys knock on the front door, but I’m in the back studio – missed delivery again.

  14. jriggity says:

    excellent animation….loved it!

  15. grecodan says:

    Wow, what a great spot! That little guy had tons of personality! Great animation, and a great design of the model. Nice attention to details, too. I loved the shadow on the tiles in the shot where he’s sneaking behind the computer screen.


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